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10th Anniversary Collector's Set5Jan 200376613791838229827573064Oct 2019
10th Anniversary Collector's Set
10th Anniversary Combo Packs5Aug 201257103137172206229Sep 2018
10th Anniversary Combo Packs
RP3AD&D Fighting Wheel4Feb 2013346181102122136Jun 2020
AD&D Fighting Wheel
Art of Dragon Magazine2May 20004810131517Sep 2020
Art of Dragon Magazine
Art of the AD&D Fantasy Game2Nov 200271317212528Aug 2020
Art of the AD&D Fantasy Game
Art of the D&D Fantasy Game2Jan 200071317222629Jul 2020
Art of the D&D Fantasy Game
Art of the DragonLance Saga2Sep 200081520253033Aug 2020
Art of the DragonLance Saga
Artists of TSR5Apr 200558810581410176321152351Dec 2018
Artists of TSR
Atlas of the DragonLance World2May 200071217212528Sep 2020
Atlas of the DragonLance World
GAZ14Atruaghin Clans2Aug 20001832435465723%Sep 2020
GAZ14 Atruaghin Clans
BattleSystem2Nov 201991621273236Aug 2020
BattleSystem: Skirmishes2Jun 200051013161921Aug 2020
BattleSystem: Skirmishes
AC10Bestiary of Dragons & Giants1Oct 1999101925313842Apr 2020
AC10 Bestiary of Dragons & Giants
REF3Book of Lairs1Jun 200361013172022Aug 2020
REF3 Book of Lairs
REF4Book of Lairs II1May 200071216202427Jul 2020
REF4 Book of Lairs II
AC4Book of Marvelous Magic1Oct 19995811141618Aug 2020
AC4 Book of Marvelous Magic
AC11Book of Wondrous Inventions2Oct 19995913161921Sep 2020
AC11 Book of Wondrous Inventions
Character Archaic5May 2018208374499624749832May 2020
Character Archaic
Character Record (1975 - green/orange/white)5Dec 200586415552073259131093454Aug 2017
Character Record (1975)
Character Record (1976 - orange)5Jul 2003118212282353424471Mar 2020
Character Record (1976)
Character Record Sheets (1977 - lizard)3Jan 200764115154192231256Apr 2020
Character Record (1977)
Character Record Sheets (1979 - wizard)3Jul 200358105139174209232Aug 2019
Character Record (1979)
REF2Character Record Sheets (1986/1989)1Feb 200851013161921Sep 2020
REF2 Character Record Sheets
Character Sheets (Games Workshop)5Jun 200055100133166199221Mar 2018
Character Sheets (Games Workshop)
Character Sheets (general)varApr 201361114182124Jun 2015
Character Sheets (general)
TM4City of Waterdeep2Jul 20001221283542474%Sep 2020
TM4 City of Waterdeep
City System2Nov 20041120273441452%Sep 2020
City System
AC2Combat Shield & Mini Adventure1Oct 1999101823293539Sep 2020
AC2 Combat Shield & Mini Adventure
AC9Creature Catalogue1Oct 199981418232730Sep 2020
AC9 Creature Catalogue
Dark & Hidden Ways (with DSG)4Aug 20045192122153184204Apr 2017
Dark & Hidden Ways (with DSG)
Dark & Hidden Ways (without DSG)4Aug 2004142433414954Sep 2020
Dark & Hidden Ways (without DSG)
Dawn of the Emperors2Aug 2000152736455460Sep 2020
Dawn of the Emperors
Dragon Dice5Nov 20194683111139166185Jun 2020
Dragon Dice
Dragon Dice Percentage Generators5Apr 20052749658298109Apr 2018
Dragon Dice Percentage Generators
Dungeon Floor Plans (Games Workshop)5Jun 2000407296121145161Nov 2019
Dungeon Floor Plans (Games Workshop)
Dungeon Geomorphs (any set) (1st prt)4Nov 20042240536679883%Sep 2020
Dungeon Geomorphs (1st prt)
Dungeon Geomorphs (any set) (2nd/3rd prt)2Nov 2004122229364348Sep 2020
Dungeon Geomorphs (2nd/3rd prt)
Dungeon Geomorphs Sets 1-32Aug 200281418232831Jul 2020
Dungeon Geomorphs Sets 1-3
Dungeon Masters Adventure Log1May 201861114182124Aug 2020
Dungeon Masters Adventure Log
Dungeon Masters Design Kit1Dec 201061014172123Sep 2020
Dungeon Masters Design Kit
Dungeon Masters Screen (1979)3Feb 200319344556687547%Oct 2015
Dungeon Masters Screen (1979)
Dungeon Masters Screen (1981)2Feb 2003142533425055May 2018
Dungeon Masters Screen (1981)
REF1Dungeon Masters Screen (1985-1992)1Nov 2019142533425055May 2018
Dungeon Masters Screen (1985-1992)
GAZ6Dwarves of Rockhome2May 2000132331394651Sep 2020
GAZ6 Dwarves of Rockhome
TM2Eastern Countries2Jul 20001425334150552%Sep 2020
TM2 Eastern Countries
GAZ5Elves of Alfheim2May 2000142634435157Aug 2020
GAZ5 Elves of Alfheim
GAZ2Emirates of Ylaruam2May 2000101925313842Aug 2020
GAZ2 Emirates of Ylaruam
First Quest Music Album (cassette)5Sep 200362112149186223248Apr 2016
First Quest Music Album (cassette)
First Quest Music Album (vinyl)4Sep 2003244357728696Sep 2020
First Quest Music Album (vinyl)
GAZ8Five Shires2May 2000203547597179Aug 2020
GAZ8 Five Shires
Forgotten Realms Atlas2Nov 2019112127344146Sep 2020
Forgotten Realms Atlas
Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting2Nov 2019122229364348Sep 2020
Forgotten Realms Campaign
Game Reference Sheets5Dec 200531857276395311441271Aug 2017
Game Reference Sheets
GAZ12Golden Khan of Ethengar2May 2000173040506067Jul 2020
GAZ12 Golden Khan of Ethengar
GAZ1Grand Duchy of Karameikos2Mar 2008142433414954Sep 2020
GAZ1 Grand Duchy of Karameikos
Greyhawk Reference Sheets5Mar 2006121521872916364543744860Nov 2019
Greyhawk Reference Sheets
Hex Pad4Oct 20043359789811713029%Sep 2020
Hex Pad
Hex Sheets (Games Workshop)5May 201864115153191230255Nov 2019
Hex Sheets (Games Workshop)
Hex Sheets (TSR)5Nov 201961111147184221246Jan 2020
Hex Sheets
Hexagonal Mapping Booklet2Jul 2002814182327303%Sep 2020
Hexagonal Mapping Booklet
TM5Kara-Tur2Jul 2000917222833376%Sep 2020
TM5 Kara-Tur
Kara-Tur, The Eastern Realms2May 2000193445576876Sep 2020
Kara-Tur, The Eastern Realms
AC3Kidnapping of Princess Arelina2Oct 1999183242536471Jul 2020
AC3 Kidnapping of Princess Arelina
GAZ4Kingdom of Ierendi2May 20001324323947532%Sep 2020
GAZ4 Kingdom of Ierendi
Lankhmar: City of Adventure1Dec 200361216192326Sep 2020
Lankhmar: City of Adventure
Leaves From the Inn of the Last Home1May 2000610131720225%Sep 2020
Leaves From the Inn of the Last Home
REF5Lords of Darkness2May 200071216202426Aug 2020
REF5 Lords of Darkness
AC7Master Players Screen2Jan 2007111926323843Sep 2020
AC7 Master Players Screen
GAZ9Minrothad Guilds2Aug 2000173040506067Jul 2020
GAZ9 Minrothad Guilds
Monster & Treasure Assortment (any set) (1st/2nd)4May 2004234154688190Mar 2020
Monster & Treasure Assortment (1st/2nd)
Monster & Treasure Assortment (any set) (3rd/4th)2May 200481419242832Jun 2020
Monster & Treasure Assortment (3rd/4th)
Monster & Treasure Assortment Sets 1-32May 20045912151820Aug 2020
Monster & Treasure Assortment Sets 1-3
Monster Cards2Jan 2007713172125284%Sep 2020
Monster Cards
PC4Night Howlers2Jul 2000101824303640May 2020
PC4 Night Howlers
GAZ7Northern Reaches2May 2000152737465561Jul 2020
GAZ7 Northern Reaches
Official AD&D Coloring Album3Dec 20051832435465721%Sep 2020
Official AD&D Coloring Album
GAZ10Orcs of Thar2Aug 20001628374756622%Sep 2020
GAZ10 Orcs of Thar
DLR1Otherlands1May 20015912151820Sep 2020
DLR1 Otherlands
Outdoor Geomorphs (1st prt)4Nov 200469124166207248276Nov 2019
Outdoor Geomorphs (1st prt)
Outdoor Geomorphs (2nd-4th prt)4May 2018396992116139154Apr 2020
Outdoor Geomorphs (2nd-4th prt)
Outdoor Survival (Avalon Hill)1Sep 200059131619215%Sep 2020
Outdoor Survival
AC5Player Character Record Sheets (1984)4Mar 2006117210280350420467May 2020
AC5 Player Character Record Sheets
AC6Player Character Record Sheets (1985)1Dec 200571318222629Sep 2020
AC6 Player Character Record Sheets
GAZ3Principalities of Glantri2May 2000142533414955Aug 2020
GAZ3 Principalities of Glantri
Quadrille Graph Paper5May 20009416822428133737449%Sep 2020
Quadrille Graph Paper
GAZ11Republic of Darokin2Jun 2000142533414955Aug 2020
GAZ11 Republic of Darokin
AC8Revenge of Rusak1Dec 1999132432404853Jul 2020
AC8 Revenge of Rusak
Rogues Gallery1Jul 20005912161921Sep 2020
Rogues Gallery
REF6Rogues Gallery (1991)2Mar 20065912151820May 2020
REF6 Rogues Gallery
PC3Sea People2Jul 200081418232730Jun 2020
PC3 Sea People
GAZ13Shadow Elves2May 20001528374656622%Sep 2020
GAZ13 Shadow Elves
AC1Shady Dragon Inn1Oct 199971216202527Sep 2020
AC1 Shady Dragon Inn
Silver Anniversary Collector's Edition4Mar 20064071951191431593%Sep 2020
Silver Anniversary Collector's Edition
DLR2Taladas: The Minotaurs1May 20015912151819Jul 2020
DLR2 Taladas: The Minotaurs
PC1Tall Tales of the Wee Folk2Jul 200071317212528Aug 2020
PC1 Tall Tales of the Wee Folk
Time of the Dragon1May 2001917232834383%Sep 2020
Time of the Dragon
PC2Top Ballista2Jul 200061115192225May 2020
PC2 Top Ballista
Understanding D&D4Nov 20024989118148178197Feb 2017
Understanding D&D
DLR3Unsung Heroes1May 2001368101213Jul 2020
DLR3 Unsung Heroes
TM1Western Countries2Jul 20001424334149542%Sep 2020
TM1 Western Countries
Wild Things (with WSG)4Mar 20064784112140168187Aug 2020
Wild Things (with WSG)
Wild Things (without WSG)4Mar 20061121273441462%Sep 2020
Wild Things (without WSG)
World of Greyhawk (boxed)1Dec 2009234155688291Sep 2020
World of Greyhawk (boxed)
World of Greyhawk (folio)2May 2018162939495865Sep 2020
World of Greyhawk (folio)
TM3World of Krynn3Jul 2000142533425056Sep 2020
TM3 World of Krynn
Your Personal Invitation to Adventure4Jan 200391521263134Apr 2020
Your Personal Invitation to Adventure
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