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Rahasia (Daystar West)
Author:  Laura Hickman  
Levels:  ? Copyright:  1979
TSR Stock #:  n/a ISBN #:  ?
Piece Code:  n/a Product #:  n/a

RPGA1 Rahasia
Author:  Tracy and Laura Hickman  
Levels:  1-2 Copyright:  1983
TSR Stock #:  6064 ISBN #:  0-88038-027-6
Piece Code:  ? Product #:  ?

B7 Rahasia
Author:  Tracy and Laura Hickman  
Levels:  1-3     Copyright:  1984
TSR Stock #:  9115 ISBN #:  0-88038-113-2
Piece Code:  9115XXX1401 Product #:  394-54156-1TSR0600
Contents:  32 pg booklet

Gray Mountain lies deep in the lush elven forest.  The temple there was a haven of meditation and learning – until taken over by an evil cleric known as the Rahib.  Far under the mountain, he paces before the temple’s great altar.  A brown-robed servant rushes in and falls to his knees, trembling at the sight of the Rahib’s black panther.  "Rahib, adventurers came to the village as the sun rose – the strangers now protect Rahasia."  A scowl crosses the Rahib’s face.  "I must have Rahasia!  Attack again tonight."  As the servant scurries away, a deep growl rises from the giant cat.  Gripping the panther’s leash, the Rahib paces again, speaking out loud.  "We must dispose of these strangers quickly; the secret beneath the temple will not wait much longer."