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D&D Basic Set (blue box, 1st - 7th prints)
Author:  Gary Gygax, Dave Arneson, J. Eric Holmes  
Levels:  1-3 Copyright:  1977
TSR Stock #:  1001 ISBN #:  ?
Piece Code:  F115-R Product #:  n/a
You are holding a fantastic world of swords & sorcery adventures in your hands!  In Dungeons & Dragons you become a mighty wizard, a fearless hero, a stout dwarf, a clever halfling or any of a dozen other adventurers ready to explore the mazes and labyrinths of a vast and deep dungeon -- or perhaps trek through uncharted wilderness -- in search of the fabulous treasures and magic which are hidden there.  But this wealth is not easily gained, for terrible guardians lurk nearby; and such monsters as orcs, ogres, trolls, giants, dragons, and even worse must be defeated in order to gain their hoarded treasure.  Dungeons & Dragons is the original game of fantasy role playing.  It is a truly unique experience, for each participant assumes a game persona who goes from adventure to adventure, growing more powerful and capable with each successful expedition.  Unlike any other game you have ever played before, Dungeons & Dragons will allow you to completely unleash your imagination and creativity, while still posing interesting game situations and endless challenges.  Come and visit our world!

D&D Basic Rulebook (blue monochrome, 1st - 7th prints)
Author:  Gary Gygax, Dave Arneson, J. Eric Holmes  
Levels:  1-3 Copyright:  1977
TSR Stock #:  2001 ISBN #:  0-935696-03-2
Piece Code:  F-116R Product #:  n/a

D&D Basic Set (magenta box, 8th - 11th prints)
Author:   ?  
Levels:  1-3 Copyright:  1981
TSR Stock #:  1011 ISBN #:  ?
Piece Code:  ? Product #:  394-51834-9TSR1200

D&D Basic Rulebook (red, 8th - 11th prints)
Author:   ?  
Levels:  1-3 Copyright:  1981
TSR Stock #:  2014 ISBN #:  0-935696-48-2
Piece Code:  n/a Product #:  394-52199-4TSR0600
Dungeons & Dragons fantasy game is a step out of the ordinary.  Each adventure is like writing a novel.  Players assume the roles of elves, dwarves, halflings, or humans and travel through a fantastic world filled with danger and excitement.  Adventurers will wander through frightening dungeons conquering evil foes and meeting terrible dragons.  Dungeons & Dragons fantasy game is the original "role playing" game and this booklet makes it easier than ever to play.  This rulebook contains all the rules needed to begin playing and running Dungeons & Dragons adventures.  The rules have been reedited and organized so that people who have never played the game before will be able to begin playing with a minimum amount of preparation.  Dungeons & Dragons fantasy game can be played by anyone.  The entire family will enjoy a Dungeons & Dragons adventure.  And with the more than 100 monsters included in this booklet no two adventures will ever be alike.

Set 1: D&D Basic Rules (red, 12th-13th prints)
Author:  ?  
Levels:  1-3 Copyright:  1983
TSR Stock #:  1011 ISBN #:  0-88038-338-0
Piece Code:  ? Product #:  394-53421-2TSR1200
This is a game that helps you imagine.  The Dungeon & Dragons game is a way for us to imagine together -- sort of like reading the same book, or dreaming the same dream.  But it's a book that you can write, without putting a word on paper -- just by playing the D&D game.  This new popular edition has been completely revised to include one-player games as well as group games for players and dungeon masters. You can start playing right away!  This box contains all you need to start having fun:  Programmed adventures for easy learning and hours of fun, the Player's Guide for beginning characters -- with simple and expert combat rules, magic spells, and role playing tips, and the Dungeon Master's Handbook -- full of treasures, monsters, and dungeons.

New, Easy to Master D&D Game (landscape box, 14th prt)
Author:  ?  
Levels:  1-5 Copyright:  1991
TSR Stock #:  1070 ISBN #:  ?
Piece Code:  ? Product #:  ?

Classic D&D Game ("portrait" box, 15th-16th prints)
Author:  ?  
Levels:  1-5 Copyright:  1994
TSR Stock #:  1106 ISBN #:  1-56076-820-7
Piece Code:  1106XXX1901 Product #:  ?
...the dragon lunges.  Your flashing blade slices the air as searing flames burst over your shield.  A lightning bolt crackles from the wizard's fingertips, then bounces harmlessly off the ancient beast's scarred and scaly hide.  Will you stay and battle this deadly monster, or leave it behind with its hoard of stolen treasure?  The Dungeons & Dragons Games lets you and your friends create and play mighty warriors, shrewd wizards, cunning elves, and nimble thieves.  Easier then ever to learn!  Epic Adventures with Wizards, Dragons, and Magic await... Do you feel brave?