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Questions:  The Sage's Corner [email protected]

Have a question on an item that wasn't answered on one of our pages?  Ask The Acaeum's resident Sage.  Our research department will be happy to look into it and get back to you with what we manage to dig up.

Be advised that we will only answer questions related to Dungeons & Dragons items themselves.  Questions on game rules, changes, etc, will not be answered -- there's tons of other web sites out there that can do a better job with that (most of us here haven't played the game in well over a decade anyway).

Also, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions article to see if your question has already been answered!  We get literally dozens of questions each week, and anything you can do to help lighten our burden would be most appreciated.  :)
Submissions [email protected]

The Acaeum is an on-going project: a collaboration of many efforts.  If you have any little snippet of data whatsoever on an item listed here (or on an item not listed here, and you think it should be!), please tell us about it using the link above.

Also, we're not perfect!  If you've spotted an error on this site (typographical, factual, or otherwise), please let us know.  The Acaeum hopes to be the most accurate database of Dungeons & Dragons collectibles anywhere, and we need your help to achieve that goal.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Items.  The Acaeum currently covers all xD&D material, produced or distributed by TSR, up through the advent of 2nd Edition AD&D (roughly 1989).  "xD&D material" is defined as any published product that directly interfaces with the Dungeons & Dragons game (in either its Original, Basic, or Advanced iterations).  This includes things like hexagonal graphing paper, but omits items like TSR lunchboxes, coloring books, etc.  If you've got info on something that fits the above criteria, but is not on this site, send us the description!  Odds are excellent that we'll include it.
  • Printings.  Have an item that doesn't quite match the descriptions here?  It's possible that you have an undiscovered printing.  Send us the details, paying particular attention to how your item differs from the printings we already list for that item.  Often, a cover scan may help to illustrate your point (more on this can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions article, too).
  • Cover Scans.  We accept any file format, and of any size (though we prefer larger scans, which tend to retain detail when we size them down).  As a guideline, set your scanner for 100 dpi resolution or greater.  The number of "Scan Needed!" placeholders is rapidly diminishing, but we're also looking for better-quality scans of many items.  If you can provide a scan that is a noticeable improvement over one shown here, please do so, and we'll replace it with yours.

We are also logging copies of the very rare monochrome modules Lost Tamoachan, Ghost Tower of Inverness, and the pre-production versions of modules R1, R2, and R3 Part 1.  If you should have one, please tell us the serial number (upper left hand corner).  A scan of the module cover, for verification purposes, is required.

Lastly, please be patient!  We're currently heavily backlogged in the number of received submissions, so it may take us a while to get back to you.
General [email protected]

Our general contact address... for stuff that doesn't quite fit into one of the other categories.  Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions article to see if your question has already been answered, however!