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The 10th Anniversary Collector's Set and the 10th Anniversary Combo Packs, both released at D&D's ten-year point in 1984/1985 (primarily to clear out overstock).

10th Anniversary Collector's Set
10th Anniversary Combo Pack B1 / B3 / MSOLO1 / B5
10th Anniversary Combo Pack C2 / A2 / A3 / A4
10th Anniversary Combo Pack D1-2 / EX2
10th Anniversary Combo Pack D3 / S1 / S3 / S4
10th Anniversary Combo Pack T1 / C1 / I1 / G1-2-3
10th Anniversary Combo Pack I4 / UK1
10th Anniversary Combo Pack L1 / L2
10th Anniversary Combo Pack N1 / U2
10th Anniversary Combo Pack S2 / WG4

10th Anniversary Combo Pack X1 / X2 / X3 / X4
10th Anniversary Combo Pack DMs Screen / Perm Char Recs / DM Log / I3

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The 10th Anniversary Collector's Set is a rather cheesy compilation of then-available Basic D&D material.  1,000 sets were printed and sold at GenCon 17 (and through mail order) in 1984.  Protected by a faux-leather slipcase with gold lettering, the set contains:

D&D Basic Rules (Player's Guide and DM's Guide)
D&D Expert Rules (Expert Rulebook)
D&D Companion Rules (Player's Guide and DM's Guide)
D&D Character Record Sheets (1981) (it's possible AC5 was not yet ready)
MSOLO1 Blizzard Pass (with 2 pens, because one always gets lost)
B1 In Search of the Unknown (Fourth print)
B2 Keep on the Borderlands (Fourth print)
X1 Isle of Dread (Fifth print)
AC2 Combat Shield and Mini-Adventure
AC3 Kidnapping of Princess Arelina
six dice and a dice crayon

The advertisement of the set published in Dragon #88 (shown below) shows the Fourth-print X1 Isle of Dread, but doesn't list it in the contents.

The 10th Anniversary Combo Packs are simply modules bundled together with a bright-yellow "D&D 10th Anniversary" sheet (that stated "$xx with the purchase of a (random D&D item), offer expires 12/31/85").  The modules are the regular printings; if removed from the Combo shrinkwrap, they are indistinguishable from their separately-sold brethren, other than a small overstock notch at the top of the modules.  The yellow sheets are labeled with the following individual stock numbers: 1100XA (B1/B3/MSOLO1/B5), 1101XA (X1/X2/X3/X4), 1102XA (D3/S1/S3/S4), 1103XA (C2/A2/A3/A4), 1104XA (T1/C1/I1/G-1-2-3), 1105XA (DMs Screen / Perm Char Recs / DM Log / I3), 1106XA (S2/WG4), 1107XA (D1-2/EX2), 1108XA (I4/UK1), 1109XA (N1/U2), and 1110XA (L1/L2).  Occasionally, Combo Packs are spotted that do not have the stock number on the yellow sheet.

Thanks to Doug Bartholomew, Michael Deaton, Brett Easterbrook, Devon Hibbs, William Meinhardt, Frank Mentzer, Byron Odwazny, and Christophe Smagghe for help with this info.

Printing Information  Logos

Only 1,000 10th Anniversary Collector's Sets were printed.  Unknown how many Combo Packs were released.

Thanks to Rhea Shelley for the scan of the 10th Anniversary Collector's Set case, to Michael Deaton for the scan of the C2/A2/A3/A4, L1/L2, and B1/B3/MSOLO1/B5 Combo Packs, to Devon Hibbs for the scans of the N1/U2 and S2/WG4 Combo Packs, to Jason Lada and Jeff Philbrick for the scan of the X1/X2/X3/X4 Combo Pack, to Jim Winkley for the scan of the T1/C1/I1/G-1-2-3 Combo Pack, and to Doug Bartholomew for the scans of the D1-2/EX2, D3/S1/S3/S4, and I4/UK1 Combo Packs.

10th Anniversary Set
10th Anniversary Set
10th Combo Pack
10th Combo Pack
10th Combo Pack
10th Combo Pack
10th Combo Pack
10th Combo Pack
10th Combo Pack
10th Combo Pack
10th Combo Pack
10th Combo Pack
10th Combo Pack
(DMs Screen, I3)


Auction Commentary

Unopened specimens of any of these are quite rare.  We seriously doubt that TSR managed to sell all one thousand 10th Anniversary Sets at $50 each, or sell many Combo Packs (containing modules that aren't even related!)... and perhaps they destroyed unsold copies. 

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