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Accessory modules produced for the Basic D&D rules.

AC1 Shady Dragon Inn by Carl Smith
AC2 Combat Shield and Mini Adventure
AC3 Kidnapping of Princess Arelina: Dragon Tiles
by Garry Spiegle
AC4 Book of Marvelous Magic
AC5 Player Character Record Sheets
AC6 Player Character Record Sheets
AC7 Master Player Screen
AC8 Revenge of Rusak: Dragon Tiles II
by David Cook
AC9 Creature Catalogue
AC10 Bestiary of Dragons and Giants
AC11 Book of Wondrous Inventions

AC2 Combat Shield includes mini-module "Treasure of the Hideous One" by David Cook (8 pages), and is compatible with the Expert rules.

AC5 and AC6 are both Player Character Record Sheets (the links take you to the Character Sheets page).  AC5 was replaced soon after printing by AC6, which added compatibility with Set 4 Master Rules.

The cover art to AC5 Player Character Record Sheets, by artist Clyde Caldwell, was originally considered for the cover of T1-4 Temple of Elemental Evil.  The scene it depicts is the first encounter outside the abandoned moat house.  (Thanks to Paul Stormberg for this info).

AC7 Master Player Screen includes mini-module "The Spindle of Heaven" by Bruce Nesmith (8 pages), and is compatible with Set 4 Master Rules.  There's an error on the spell charts, on the back of the fold-out section; the Magic User spell table is missing the last row of 8th-level spells (thanks to Melvin Hagerman for this info).  A pre-production cover scan is here.  Thanks to Alban Jalabert for the scan.

AC8 Revenge of Rusak is actually labeled "AC3" on the cover.  Apparently, someone at TSR forgot that the AC3 code was already taken by AC3 Kidnapping of Princess Arelina.  In an attempt to correct this mistake, later copies of Revenge have a sticker stating "AC5, All New Dragon Tiles II" (which is also incorrect!).  The contents are identical to non-stickered copies.  The Magic Encyclopedia correctly lists this item as AC8.  (Thanks to Ken Wellens for this info).

AC11 is sort of a goofy accessory, describing things like Armored Tanks for your campaign.  However, as contributor Richard van Tol has pointed out, it is also possibly the first product to present guidance on creating your own magic items and spells, and formed the basis for later rules.

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These modules have only one distinguishable printing each, with the exceptions of AC5 and AC6 Player Character Record Sheets (follow the links) and AC8 Revenge of Rusak (all copies of the module are labeled "AC3", but later prints have a sticker stating "AC5, All New Dragon Tiles II" placed over the "AC3").
AC1 Shady Dragon Inn Foreign
AC2 Combat Shield and Mini Adventure Foreign
AC3 Kidnapping of Princess Arelina Foreign
AC4 Book of Marvelous Magic Foreign
AC6 Player Character Record Sheets Foreign
AC7 Master Player Screen Foreign
AC9 Creature Catalogue Foreign

A second series of accessory modules was released exclusively in Japan; the ACJ series.  Follow the link to a separate page.

Thanks to Adrian Newman for the scans of AC4, AC7, and AC11, and Michael Deaton for the scans of AC5 and AC6.
Shady Dragon Inn Combat Shield Kidnapping of Princess Book of Marvelous Magic Player Char Rec Sheets 
Player Char Rec Sheets Master Player Screen Revenge of Rusak (AC3) Revenge of Rusak (AC5) Creature Catalogue
Bestiary of Dragons Book of Won. Inventions

Auction Commentary

These accessory modules are all relatively common, except for the rather rare AC5 Player Character Record Sheets (it's possible they were only printed once before being replaced by AC6).

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