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High-quality reproductions of some of the best artwork from these respective games.

Art of Dragon Magazine
Art of the AD&D Fantasy Game
Art of the D&D Fantasy Game
Art of the DragonLance Saga
Artists of TSR

All of the Art books are 8 1/2" x 11", softcover.

Artists of TSR consists of twelve 8 1/2" x 11" black-and-white art prints protected by a wrap-around cover.  An introduction is given by TSR Art Dept head Jim Roslof on the inside cover, and some background info on the artists is detailed on the inside back cover.  The portfolio consists of two prints each by the following artists: Jeff Easley, Larry Elmore, Jim Holloway, Harry Quinn, Jim Roslof, and Tim Truman.  The portfolio was released by the RPGA in 1982, but printed in very limited quantities (approximately 200).  According to Frank Mentzer (a TSR staff member at the time), very few of these were actually sold, and the rest presumably pulped. Thanks to Michael Deaton and Devon & Shawn Hibbs for this info.

Printing Information  Logos

Art of the AD&D Fantasy Game

  • First:  Angled TSR logo.  (Thanks to Michael Deaton for this info).

  • Second:  Gold Angled TSR logo.

Art of the D&D Fantasy Game Foreign
Art of the DragonLance Saga Foreign
  • First (1987):  1st Edition AD&D DragonLance-style title.

  • Second (1999):  A recent release, with identical artwork inside.  Has a flowing-script title.

Thanks to Adrian Newman for the scan of Art of the DragonLance Saga (1st print), and to Devon & Shawn Hibbs for the scan of Artists of TSR.
Art of Dragon Magazine Art of the AD&D Game (2nd) Art of the D&D Game Art of DragonLance (1st)
Art of DragonLance (2nd)
Artists of TSR

Auction Commentary

All are fairly common -- except for Artists of TSR, which is extremely rare.  Since there has been only a few known sales of this item, the estimated values we list are very subjective.

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