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AD&D expansion rules for large-scale battles with miniatures.

BattleSystem: Skirmishes

The First edition of BattleSystem was a boxed set, and contains a 32-page rule book, a 24-page scenario book, a 16-page Guide to Miniatures, 2 Player Aid cards, 2 metal miniature generals, 3-D Adventure Fold-Up figures, Army Roster sheets, and 801 die-cut counters.  It incorporates rules for large-scale wars, as well as additional rules for miniatures use (thanks to Adrian Newman for this info).  The included metal miniatures were apparently randomly culled from TSR's own character-class miniature sets, and were presumably surplus (thanks to Ed Jendek for this info).

The Second edition of BattleSystem is simply a 128-page softcover manual.

The expansion BattleSystem: Skirmishes is designed for smaller-scale combat, where each miniature represents a single unit (thanks to Dan Harshman for this info).

Printing Information  Logos

BattleSystem: Skirmishes had but a single printing, in 1991 (thanks to Adrian Newman for the scan).


  • First:  Red box.  Compatible with 1st Edition AD&D.  Two different constructions of the box itself have been noted; one with a cheaper, white interior, and one with a cardboard-colored, craft-box-style interior.  Unknown which "print" came first.  Thanks to Jeff Imrie for this info.

  • Second (1989):  Dark blue book (not a boxed set).  Compatible with 2nd Edition AD&D.  Angled TSR logo.

  • Third (1991):  Identical to Second print, but now has the Gold Angled TSR logo.

Auction Commentary

Both versions of BattleSystem are fairly common; BattleSystem: Skirmishes is slightly more uncommon.

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