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The third campaign setting for 1st and 2nd Edition AD&D, based on Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis' world of Krynn.

Leaves From the Inn of the Last Home by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
Atlas of the DragonLance World by Karen Wynn Fonstad
Time of the Dragon by TSR Staff

Leaves From the Inn of the Last Home is the campaign sourcebook for DragonLance.  Softcover, 256 pages, and includes legends, timelines, backgrounds on the Companions, the Races and Artifacts of Krynn, maps, journals, essays, songs, recipes (!), and music.  The campaign is also supported by several series of modules (DL, DLA, DLC, DLE, DLQ, DLS, DLT), the DLR series of sourcebooks, and the hardcover manual DragonLance Adventures (which provides information on races, classes, spells, and artifacts, as well as additional background material).

The Atlas of the DragonLance World is a softcover manual detailing maps, locations, cutaway diagrams, backgrounds and more.  A very well-done, and popular, product.  It is further supported by a Trail Map (TM3).

The Time of the Dragon boxed set details the continent of Taladas (the original DragonLance Campaign, including the DL series of modules, is set on the continent of Ansalon).  Includes four huge maps, 24 color plates, and two sourcebooks ("The Rule Book to Taladas" and "The Guide Book to Taladas").  The set was actually written for 1st Edition AD&D and released at the dawn of 2nd Edition, and bears a "compatible with 2nd Edition AD&D!" emblem.  Thanks to Dan Harshman for this info.  The cover artwork was "borrowed" from Dragon #97.

To dispel several questions we've received:  a newsletter supporting the DragonLance campaign was released in the late 1990's, entitled Legends of the Lance.  All of the issues were at one point downloadable (as .PDF's) on the WotC web site.  Because of this, they are collectably worthless, and are not included here.

Other campaign settings for 1st Edition AD&D include the World of Greyhawk and Forgotten Realms campaigns.

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Atlas of the DragonLance World and Time of the Dragon have but single printings.

Atlas of the DragonLance World Foreign
Leaves From the Inn of the Last Home Foreign
  • First (1987):  Larry Elmore artwork, no border.

  • Second (1993):  New cover format (though same art), and updated for 2nd Edition AD&D rules.

Thanks to Adrian Newman for the scan of the Atlas of the DragonLance World, and to Dan Harshman for the scan of Time of the Dragon.

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