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Three items produced by Games Workshop, UK, under TSR license.

Character Sheets
Dungeon Floor Plans
Hex Sheets

Character Sheets is a 50-page top-tearing pad, compatible with both D&D and AD&D systems, and produced in 1978.  Cover artwork by Allen Hunter.  An early ad in White Dwarf lists this item as having 20 pages; unknown if that was later revised, or a 20-page version was actually released (thanks to Bruce Robertson for this info).

Dungeon Floor Plans was produced in 1979 (it was also released as a series of at least four boxed sets between 1982 and 1984, but not under TSR license).  It is composed of twelve thick cardboard sheets, each printed (in color) to represent flagstone flooring, rough stone and dirt flooring, wood stairways, and stone stairways.  The sheets are intended to be cut apart and arranged in various layouts.  They are scaled for 25mm miniatures.

Hex Sheets is also a 50-page top-tearing pad, produced in 1978.  It was designed for wilderness mapping, and is compatible with all versions of D&D (Original, Basic, and Advanced).  (Thanks to Aaron Leeder for help with this info).  Additionally, an earlier (much more rare) version of the Hex Sheets was produced by Games Workshop in 1977.  This version was sold as single sheets only -- never as a pad -- and was sized British A3 (11 3/4" high x 16 1/2" across).  The sheet was oriented in portrait format, with the hexes identified by letters and numbers, and has "Games Workshop 1977" in the lower right-hand corner.  Contributor Hussain Zaman remembers buying these directly from the Games Workshop store in 1977 (from Steve Jackson himself!), so it's possible that's the only place they were sold.  Thanks to Mike Platell and Hussain Zaman for this info, and to Mike Platell for the scan.

Printing Information  Logos

Hex Sheets were reprinted in 1982, so it's possible Character Sheets and Dungeon Floor Plans were, too; confirmation needed.

Hex Sheets

  • First (1976):  "Games Workshop 1978" at the bottom of each page.

  • Second (1982):  Now shows "Games Workshop 1982" at the bottom of each page.

Thanks to Neville Ridley-Smith for the scan of Character Sheets, to Steve Bartholomew for the scan of Dungeon Floor Plans, to Mike Platell for the scan of the Hex Sheet (1977), and to Aneoth for the scan of Hex Sheets.

Auction Commentary

All three are quite rare, especially in the U.S.

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Character Sheets

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