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A fleshed-out city campaign based on Fritz Leiber's world of Newhon.

Lankhmar: City of Adventure

This surprisingly good 96-page book contains detailed descriptions of each of the city's districts, characters, gods, and mini-adventures.  Also included is a large, full-color map of the city, and a booklet of geomorphs and character sheets.

Printing Information  Logos
  • First (1985):  Compatible with 1st Edition AD&D.  Angled TSR logo on front cover; ISBN, TSR Stock #, and Product Number on rear cover.

  • Second (1988):  Identical to First print, but has "February 1988" added to copyright line on the first page.  (Thanks to John Huckerby for this info).

  • Third:  Gold Angled TSR logo on cover.  ISBN and Stock # on rear cover; no Product Number (394-54861-2TSR1200).

  • Fourth (1993):  Updated for 2nd Edition AD&D.  Cover artwork is identical to previous prints, but the cover text has been redone in the 2nd-Edition format.

Auction Commentary

All prints of Lankhmar are fairly common.

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