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Large (36" x 57") full-color maps of various locations, and supporting various campaign settings.

TM1 Western Countries
TM2 Eastern Countries
TM3 World of Krynn
TM4 City of Waterdeep
TM5 Kara-Tur

TM1 and TM2 are for the two halves of the Known World of Mystara; TM3 depicts the world of the DragonLance campaign; TM4 is set in the Forgotten Realms campaign proper (depicting the cities of Waterdeep, Shadowdale, and Tantras), while TM5 covers the Forgotten Realms "Far East" expansion, Kara-Tur.

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There was but a single printing of each map.

Thanks to Dan Harshman for the scan of TM3, and to Richard van Tol for the scans of TM4 and TM5.
Western Countries
Eastern Countries
World of Krynn
City of Waterdeep

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The values of all the Trail Maps have been generally increasing.

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