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The Companion series of modules was developed for the D&D expansion Set 3: Companion Rules.

CM1 Test of the Warlords by Douglas Niles
CM2 Death's Ride
by Garry Spiegle
CM3 Sabre River
by Douglas Niles and Bruce Nesmith
CM4 Earthshaker!
by David Cook
CM5 Mystery of the Snow Pearl
by Anne McCready
CM6 Where Chaos Reigns
by Graeme Morris, Jim Bambra, and Phil Gallagher
CM7 Tree of Life
by Bruce Heard
CM8 Endless Stair
by Ed Greenwood
CM9 Legacy of Blood
by Steve Perrin and Katharine Kerr

CM5 Mystery of the Snow Pearl is a solo adventure, and uses the red plastic "Magic Viewer" (similar to MV1 Midnight on Dagger Alley).  There's also a typo in the title... your search is for a single Snow Pearl, not multiple Pearls!  The title is corrected on the inside front cover.  Thanks to Michael Ferdie for finding this!  A pre-production cover scan is here.  Thanks to Alban Jalabert for the scan.

Printing Information Logos

None of these modules have any distinguishable printings.

CM1 Test of the Warlords Foreign
CM2 Death's Ride Foreign
CM3 Sabre River Foreign
CM4 Earthshaker! Foreign
CM6 Where Chaos Reigns Foreign

Thanks to Michael Deaton for the scans of CM1 and CM9, to Leonard Riotto for the scan of CM8, and to Richard van Tol for the scan of CM4.

Test of the Warlords Death's Ride Sabre River Earthshaker! Mystery of the Snow Pearl
Where Chaos Reigns
Tree of Life
Endless Stair
Legacy of Blood

Auction Commentary

As is the case with the Master series modules, the Companion series had a smaller print run than most of the Basic, Expert, or Immortal series (and had less time to permeate the marketplace before being dropped in favor of the 2nd Edition rules).  This slight scarcity is reflected in auction prices.

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