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The DragonLance Campaign began as a series of novels and matching modules (DL1 - DL4) for AD&D, by Tracy and Laura Hickman and Margaret Weis.  They proved to be enormously successful, and have since spawned legions of follow-on module series (DLA, DLC, DLE, DLQ, DLS, DLT), the DLR series of sourcebooks, novels, and even a hardcover manual, DragonLance Adventures.

DL1 Dragons of Despair by Tracy Hickman
DL2 Dragons of Flame
by Douglas Niles
DL3 Dragons of Hope
by Tracy Hickman
DL4 Dragons of Desolation
by Tracy Hickman and Michael Dobson
DL5 Dragons of Mystery
by Michael Dobson
DL6 Dragons of Ice
by Douglas Niles
DL7 Dragons of Light
by Jeff Grubb
DL8 Dragons of War
by Tracy and Laura Hickman
DL9 Dragons of Deceit
by Douglas Niles
DL10 Dragons of Dreams
by Tracy Hickman
DL11 Dragons of Glory
by Douglas Niles and Tracy Hickman
DL12 Dragons of Faith
by Harold Johnson and Bruce Heard
DL13 Dragons of Truth
by Tracy Hickman
DL14 Dragons of Triumph
by Douglas Niles
DL15 Mists of Krynn
by various
DL16 World of Krynn
by Douglas Niles, Michael Gray, and Harold Johnson

The "DragonLance Saga" runs in three parts, and is set on the continent of Ansalon.  DL1 - DL4 is the first, DL6 - DL9 is the second, and DL10, DL12, DL13, and DL14 make up the third.  Each part was eventually compiled into the three DLC (DragonLance Classics) modules, which also updated the series to 2nd Edition AD&D conventions.

The cover art of DL4, by Keith Parkinson, has a very tiny TARDIS, Doctor Who, and K-9 in it.

DL5 Dragons of Mystery is a sourcebook rather than an adventure.

Several of the DragonLance modules contained provisions for the BattleSystem rules expansion.  DL8 and DL14 contain BattleSystem scenarios, but no counters.  DL9 contains dragon and catapult BattleSystem counters, but has no scenario.  DL12 has undersea-creature counters and scenarios (thanks to Dan Harshman for this info).

DL9 BattleSystem counters (done in full color): 9 Blue Dragons, 3 Red Dragons, 3 Brass Dragons, 3 Bronze Dragons, 3 Copper Dragons, 3 Silver Dragons, 2 Gold Dragons, 2 Catapults (thanks to Dan Harshman for this info).

DL11 is a self-contained game; it provides notes for conversion to BattleSystem rules, but is a separate game entirely.  It contains cardboard counters, but they are a different size than BattleSystem ones.  Dragon Magazine #107 has expanded rules for this module (thanks to Dan Harshman for this info).

DL12 BattleSystem counters (done in blue and green): 24 Mermen, 24 Sea Elf, 48 Lacedon (24 dark, 24 Light), 8 Sea Hag, 12 Heavy Calvary Seahorse, 4 Heavy Calvary Sea Slug, 16 Light Calvary (8 Green, 8 Blue/white), 5 Chariot, 5 Sea Dragon, 1 Amphidragon, 1 King of the Deep.  Also includes a set of Talis cards (thanks to Dan Harshman for this info). 

DL15 is a series of short adventures set in the DragonLance world (at 128 pages, it could nearly be called a supermodule!).  DL16 is similar (four short adventures), but only 96 pages.  Originally, the DragonLance saga was to run through DL15 (which was to be titled Dragons of Krynn), but TSR eventually decided to wrap the storyline up in DL14 Dragons of Triumph (thanks to Dan Harshman for this info).

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DL1 Dragons of Despair Foreign
  • First:  ISBN number only in black lettering within a white box, above the UPC bar code.  Price ($6.00) in bottom right corner.

  • Second:  ISBN and Product Number in white lettering, above the UPC bar code with no box.  No price.  Thanks to Mark Greenough for this info.

DL2 Dragons of Flame Foreign
  • First:  Pink interior maps.  Unsure which print actually came first.

  • Second:  Tan interior maps.  Thanks to Devon Hibbs for this info.

DL3 Dragons of Hope Foreign
DL4 Dragons of Desolation Foreign
DL5 Dragons of Mystery Foreign
DL6 Dragons of Ice Foreign
DL7 Dragons of Light Foreign

DL16 World of Krynn  
  • First:  TSR UK address on the back is at The Mill on Rathmore Road.  The module booklet, however, shows TSR UK on 120 Church End.  We'd be interested if anyone has a module booklet that shows the Rathmore Road address!

  • Second:  TSR UK address on the back is at 120 Church End, Cherry Hinton.  Module booklet matches.  Thanks to Curt Gould for this info.

Thanks to Adrian Newman for the scans of DL11, DL13, and DL14.

Dragons of Despair Dragons of Flame Dragons of Hope Dragons of Desolation Dragons of Mystery
Dragons of Ice Dragons of Light Dragons of War Dragons of Deceit Dragons of Dreams
Dragons of Glory Dragons of Faith Dragons of Truth Dragons of Triumph Mists of Krynn

World of Krynn        

Auction Commentary

DL11 Dragons of Glory tends to command a higher price than the others in the series, due to the included cardboard cutouts and thick cardboard cover (the thickness of the module increases its susceptibility to damage, much like the H series modules).

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