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One of a myriad of module series (to include the DL, DLC, DLE, DLQ, DLS, and DLT series) set in the DragonLance Campaign.  For 2nd Edition AD&D.

DLA1 Dragon Dawn by Deborah Christian
DLA2 Dragon Knight by Rick Swan
DLA3 Dragon's Rest by Rick Swan

These modules form a three-part series set on the continent of Taladas (described in the Time of the Dragon boxed set).  Thanks to Dan Harshman for this info.

DLA1 Dragon Dawn is now available as a free electronic download from Wizards of the Coast; a link to it is in our Library section.

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There was but a single printing of each of these modules.  Thanks to Dan Harshman for the scans.

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Dragon Dawn

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Dragon Knight

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Dragon's Rest