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Three compilation supermodules, which re-packaged the original DragonLance module series (DL) and updated them to 2nd Edition AD&D conventions.  Set in the DragonLance Campaign.

DLC1 Classics Volume 1 by Dobson, Hickman, and Niles
DLC2 Classics Volume 2 by Grubb, Hickman, and Niles
DLC3 Classics Volume 3 by Heard, Hickman, Johnson, and Niles

DLC1 compiles modules DL1, DL2, DL3, and DL4DLC2 compiles modules DL6, DL7, DL8, and DL9DLC3 compiles modules DL10, DL12, DL13, and DL14.

Part of the map of Icewall Castle (the entire Upper Reach!) in DLC2 Classics Volume 2 is missing.  It helps to have the original map from DL6 Dragons of Ice to play this adventure.

Technically, DLC3 Classics Volume 3 was never assigned module code "DLC3" (nor is it printed anywhere on the module), since it was released after TSR had done away with the module-code system.  We include it here to alleviate confusion.

Thanks to Dan Harshman for this info.

Contributor Jim Wise notes that while the DLC modules were released for 2nd Edition AD&D, the content of the modules were not changed in any form from their earlier iterations. "This rendered them in effect completely unplayable, as one of the major changes from 1st to 2nd Edition AD&D rules was a major increase in the power of the various dragons (compare the Monster Manual and Monstrous Compendium entries for these beasts).  This made various mission objectives (such as a band of low-level characters fighting a mature black dragon at the end of DL1 Dragons of Despair) impossible!  DMs had a choice of using 1st Edition dragon stats for the various dragons (making DragonLance ironically a setting in which dragons were less powerful than in other settings), or of bumping up character levels, making the rest of each module unplayably easy...".  Thanks to Jim Wise for this info.

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Only DLC1 Classics Volume 1 has distinguishable printings.  Thanks to Dan Harshman for the scans.

DLC1 Classics Volume 1 Foreign
  • First:  Spine states "DragonLance Classics" and has an Angled TSR logo.  Back has Angled TSR logo and states "ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, AD&D, DRAGONLANCE, and the TSR logo are trademarks owned by TSR, Inc."  Has a 12-digit bar code.  US price only.

  • Second:  Spine states "DragonLance Saga Classics" and has Gold Angled TSR logo.  Back has Gold Angled TSR logo and states "ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, AD&D, and DRAGONLANCE are registered trademarks owned by TSR, Inc.  The TSR logo is a trademark owned by TSR, Inc."  Has an 18-digit bar code.  US, Canada, and UK prices listed.

Thanks to Adrian Newman for this info.

DLC2 Classics Volume 2 Foreign
DLC3 Classics Volume 3

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