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One of a myriad of module series (to include the DL, DLA, DLC, DLQ, DLS, and DLT series) set in the DragonLance Campaign.  For 1st/2nd Edition AD&D.

DLE1 In Search of Dragons by Rick Swan
DLE2 Dragon Magic by Rick Swan
DLE3 Dragon Keep by Rick Swan

Released at the dawn of 2nd Edition AD&D, the first two modules were actually written for 1st Edition AD&D (and contain references to such manuals as the Wilderness Survival Guide) but bear sunburst emblems declaring "compatible with 2nd Edition AD&D!"

These three modules form a continuation of the storyline in DL14 Dragons of Triumph, and are set roughly two years after events in that module.  They were released all at once in 1989.

Thanks to Dan Harshman for this info.

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There was but a single printing of each of these modules.  Thanks to Dan Harshman for the scans.

DLE1 In Search of Dragons Foreign
DLE2 Dragon Magic Foreign
DLE3 Dragon Keep

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