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ST1 Up the Garden Path
Author:  Graeme Morris and Mike Brunton  
Levels:  4-7 Copyright:  1986
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Contents:  16 pg booklet, 4 pg pull-out section

The day has been long and hard and, as night falls, you gratefully surrender to the soft, silent blackness of well-earned sleep.  Then the dream comes.  You are seated on a throne in a cavern where the sun has never shone; where no voice has ever spoken.  Yet you are not alone.  Through the darkness, silent figures are moving.  Blacker than black... formless yet menacing... advancing towards you from every side....  You feel their touch; icy claws plucking at your skin and hair, lifting the throne and carrying you helpless on a journey from darkness into further darkness, from silence into deeper silence.  You scream, and a million anguished, reedy voices answer your call.  Suddenly you awake... and the dream is real.  This adventure is for use with the Dungeons & Dragons Expert and Basic rules sets.  Both of these are needed to use the information in Up the Garden Path.  Experienced Dungeon Masters of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game should have no difficulty in adapting this adventure to the AD&D game system.

(Thanks to Ashley Cotter-Cairns for transcribing this info)