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B1-3 Pa Eventyrets Vej

Features reversed art from B7 Rahasia.  As (somewhat) indicated by the module code, it was a much-abbreviated version featuring material from B7 Rahasia, B6 Veiled Society, and B9 Castle Caldwell.  Thanks to Adrian Newman for this info, and the scan.

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B1-9 In Cerca Di Avventura

Identical to the US version. (Thanks to Ciro Alessandro Sacco and Danilo Moretti for the scan).

På Eventyr del I, II & III (The Adventures, part I, II & III)

Advertised in the Norwegian Basic Set as "coming soon", but never actually released.  Described as a "Maxi-Module", possibly combining three extant modules (much like the Denmark B1-3, above).  Thanks to Adrian Newman for this info.