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S1 Tomb of Horrors

Identical to the US First print, with the following exceptions: addition of the Games Workshop logo to the bottom of the front cover, no TSR address (rather a "Published in the U.K. under licence from" notice), the maps on the inside cover are in black (not blue) ink, and prices on the back cover are in English pounds. (Thanks to Bruce Robertson for this info, to Adrian Newman for the scan).

FSF1 Gruft des Grauens

Amigo-Spiele (the German distributor for TSR / Wizards of the Coast) translated and released the German version of S1 Tomb of Horrors in 1999, as a limited edition of 1000 prints -- signed and numbered by Gary Gygax himself (though we haven't yet spotted any copies higher than #750, so the remainder may have been pulped).  It was given out at the 1999 Fantasy Spiel Fest in Germany.  There were also a small number of the modules that were printed without a number and signature, probably for internal use at Amigo-Spiele (estimates are 30-50 copies).  These copies were "removed" (ala orange-B3-style, as the story goes) from Amigo-Spiele offices and sporadically appear in the marketplace.  The module is 36 pages long, with a center-stapled 20-page illustration booklet.  Otherwise identical to the US version, albeit with conventions updated to 2nd Edition AD&D.  (Thanks to Adrian Newman and Uwe Siebel for this info, and to Adrian Newman for the scan).

Auction History:  Signed / Numbered: NM: $41 (12/04)
                           Unsigned / Unnumbered: NM:
$255 (?/02), NM: $191 (12/04)