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The Intermediate series of modules for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.  Module I1 was used as the tournament module at Origins 1980, while I11 was used at GenCon 1984.

I1 Dwellers of the Forbidden City by David Cook
I2 Tomb of the Lizard King
by Mark Acres
I3 Pharaoh
by Tracy and Laura Hickman
I4 Oasis of the White Palm
by Philip Meyers and Tracy Hickman
I5 Lost Tomb of Martek
by Tracy Hickman
I6 Ravenloft
by Tracy and Laura Hickman
I7 Baltron's Beacon
by Philip Meyers
I8 Ravager of Time
by Graeme Morris and Jim Bambra
I9 Day of Al'Akbar
by Allen Hammack
I10 Ravenloft II: House on Gryphon Hill
by Hickman, Hickman, Cook, Grubb, Johnson, and Niles
I11 Needle
by Frank Mentzer
I12 Egg of the Phoenix
by Frank Mentzer and Paul Jaquays
I13 Adventure Pack 1
by various
I14 Swords of the Iron Legion
by various

I1 Dwellers of the Forbidden City was originally earmarked for code S4 (later assigned to the re-written Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth), before TSR decided to begin the Intermediate module series (thanks to John Proctor for this info).

Modules I3 - I5 are referred to as the Desert of Desolation Series, and are covered on their own page.  They were later combined into supermodule I3-5 Desert of Desolation.

Modules I6 and I10 are the Ravenloft modules, modeled after the Dracula theme.  The popularity of these modules prompted TSR to wheel out an entire Ravenloft campaign setting for 2nd Edition AD&D rules (and to recently re-release I6 Ravenloft as Ravenloft: 25th Anniversary (available only to RPGA members; follow the link to that page).

I6 Ravenloft comes with a double cover (module booklet nested inside two covers of maps).  Thanks to Eric Pass for this info.  The preliminary draft of I6 Ravenloft was originally titled Vampyr, and was planned to have been released by author Tracy Hickman's company Daystar West -- though we do not believe it ever was.  See more info on Vampyr on our Ongoing Research page.  While not credited in the module text, a signature "David Sutherland III" can be seen in the bottom left corner of each of the maps.

I10 Ravenloft II and I11 Needle are available in freely-distributable electronic format in our Library section.  I11 was originally used as a three-part tournament module at GenCon 1984, then subsequently published as a three-part adventure in Polyhedron issues #24, #25, and #26.  The compiled, publicly-sold version comes with a double cover (module booklet nested inside one cover of maps and one cover of pre-gen characters).  Thanks to Eric Pass for this info.

I12 Egg of the Phoenix is a compilation (and slightly slimmed-down version) of modules R1 - R4.  A plot was dreamed up to tie these modules together in I12, but it doesn't really work.  Some of the characters from this module were eventually incorporated into the Forgotten Realms via module FR5 Savage Frontier (thanks to Michele Toscan for this info).

Modules I13 and I14 are series of short adventures (I14 could almost be called "Adventure Pack 2").  I14 also contains BattleSystem-compatible scenarios.

Printing Information Logos

Only modules I1, I2, and I6 have distinguishable printings:

I1 Dwellers of the Forbidden City

  • First (1981):  TSR Face logo.  ISBN back cover bottom left.

  • Second:  TSR Face logo.  ISBN back cover bottom left, Product Number on back cover bottom right.  Has a noticeably darker brown color cover.

I2 Tomb of the Lizard King

  • First (1982) Module code "I2" is printed in a sans serif font, and appears to be "12" (twelve).

  • Second:  Module code "I2" is printed in a serif font to clarify the capital letter "I".  Otherwise, identical to First.  (Thanks to Scott Cordiner for the scan).

I6 Ravenloft Foreign
  • First (1983):  Does not have the TSR Silver logo in the bottom right corner.  Maps on the interior cover have a peach-colored background, with the structure in browns and oranges.  (Thanks to Geoffrey Foreman for this info).

  • Second (1999):  Has the TSR Silver logo in the bottom right corner.  Maps on the interior cover now have a blue background, with the structure rendered in blue and black (giving a flatter appearance).  Identical in all other respects to the First print.  This print was available only within the limited-edition Silver Anniversary Collector's Edition released by TSR in 1999.  It did not come shrinkwrapped.  (Thanks to Geoffrey Foreman for help with this info).

  • A 2nd Edition AD&D-compatible version of Ravenloft was also released in 1999; that module, entitled Ravenloft: 25th Anniversary, is listed on a separate page.

Dwellers of Forbidden            Tomb Lizard King (1st)            Tomb Lizard King (2nd) Ravenloft (1st)
Ravenloft (2nd) Baltron's Beacon Ravager of Time Day of Al'Akbar Ravenloft II
Egg of the Phoenix
Adventure Pack 1
Swords of the Iron Legion

Auction Commentary

Modules I7 and later had smaller print runs than their earlier brethren (again, due to TSR's approaching switch to the 2nd Edition rule set).  This is especially true for module I14, one of the last to be produced for the 1st Edition.

Due to their popularity, the Ravenloft modules tend to command higher-than-average prices.  I6 Ravenloft (25th Anniversary Edition) was only available in the Silver Anniversary Collector's Edition, and was not shrinkwrapped; the values listed below are for the module sold separately (only accomplished by breaking apart a set...).

Module I12 commands high prices, too, perhaps due to the trivia that it's a compilation of the very rare R modules.  It is quite a bit rarer than others in the I-series.

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