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Released as a "give-away" module (included with purchases for free) from the Mail Order Hobby Shop in 1992.  Compatible with the D&D Basic Set.

Jade Hare by John Nephew

An extremely short module (8 pages, with lots of filler illustrations).  The cover art is from the TSR Endless Quest book Dungeon of Dread, just reversed!  Thanks to Gabriel Meister and Brett Easterbrook for help with this info, and to Brett Easterbrook for the scan of the first page.

Printing Information Logos

Only one printing, and produced in small quantities.  The vast majority of these modules came without a cover; the first page is shown at right.

A cardstock cover for the module was produced, but only a very few copies have it.  It features Larry Elmore artwork against a white background, and identifies the TSR stock # (9259).  In addition to the D&D logo and the title, it bears the subtitle "A DRAGON MASTER (TM) Game Adventure".  The subtitle was TSR's attempt to secure the "Dragon Master" trademark that the company had recently applied for (part of their plan to head off copycat titles with "Dragon" in the title... ergo "DragonStrike", "DragonQuest", etc).  The back cover is mostly blank, with only the TSR address, legal info, and price ($3.95) at the bottom.  The cover is loose (not stapled with the module), and the interior is blank.  (Thanks to John Rateliff at TSR for this info and the cover scan). 

Auction Commentary

Most people obviously threw this one away.  As such, it's become quite collectible and rare.  Versions with the cover are worth substantially more, although few have come up for auction.

There were probably less than a dozen covered Jade Hares produced.  John Rateliff, TSR Librarian in the 1980's, estimated the numbers at five or less.  The author, John Nephew, was surprised to learn that a cover existed at all!

Current eBay Auctions
In January 2018, a SW copy of the covered version of Jade Hare sold for $18,600 -- the highest (confirmed) sale price of any single non-unique D&D module

Jade Hare

Jade Hare (cover)