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The RPGA Network began re-issuing exclusive modules again in 1997, for AD&D.

Star of Kolhapur by Michael Selinker (1997)
by Tom Prusa (1998)
Wand of Archeal by Michael Selinker and Penny Williams (1999)
Ravenloft: 25th Anniversary by Tracy and Laura Hickman (1999)

These modules have not yet been offered for sale to the general public.  RPGA Network Guild-Level members were able to purchase these modules at GenCon.

Kidnapped was originally reserved the module code LC8 (to be part of the Living City series) before TSR dropped the module code system entirely.

Ravenloft: 25th Anniversary is the 2nd Edition AD&D-compatible version of I6 Ravenloft.  It should not be confused with the version that was released inside the 25th Anniversary Collector's Set, also in 1999; that version was simply a reprinted version of the original I6 Ravenloft.

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There was but a single printing of each module.  Only Ravenloft: 25th Anniversary was originally shrinkwrapped.
Star of Kolhapur
Wand of Archeal
Ravenloft: 25th Anniv.

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