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A module printed exclusively in the United Kingdom by TSR UK.  Using the 1986 National Garden Festival as its theme, this module was sold both at that festival, and at the 1986 Games Day RPG convention at the Royal Horticultural Society Hall in London (hosted by Games Workshop that Saturday, September 27th).  It was briefly mentioned in White Dwarf magazine 82, page 49.

ST1 Up the Garden Path by Graeme Morris and Mike Brunton

The module uses the actual map of the National Garden Festival event, held at Stoke on Trent (presumably where the code "ST" comes from), and translates such features as the parking lot into a "grey wasteland surrounding the universe".  It is composed of a wrap-around cover (that bears the full-color map) and a 16-page booklet with a 4-page pull-out section.  It contains three new monsters: the IffanbutT, Shadow Wolves, and the Snap Dragon.  The adventure itself is humorous and whimsical (similar to the style of Dungeonland and Land Beyond the Magic Mirror).  Thanks to Chris Land, Daniel Thingvold, David Van-Cauter, Ian Wright, and Hussain Zaman for this info.

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There was but a single printing of this module.  It is 16 pages long, with a 4-page pull-out section, and did not originally come shrinkwrapped.  It is also slightly larger than normal (the UK standard A4, as opposed to the US 8.5" x 11").

Thanks to Graeme Morris for the cover scan.

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Estimates are that 600 copies were printed, though it could have been slightly less.  Unknown how many copies have survived, but one of the authors, Graeme Morris, doubts that more than 100-200 were actually sold at the two festivals (the rest were presumably pulped).  Contributor Ian Wright, who attended the 1986 Games Day convention, bought his copy there for 2.50 pounds, but also remembers a number of copies being distributed to retail outlets in the area (of which he was the proprietor of one).  Most likely the remaining (unsold) copies from the convention were shipped to retailers rather than destroyed.  Probably less than 50 copies survive today.

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