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One of several series of modules (including the WG and WGR series) set in the AD&D Greyhawk campaign world (detailed in the World of Greyhawk Campaign set).  For 2nd Edition AD&D.

WGA1 Falcon's Revenge by Richard and Anne Brown
WGA2 Falconmaster by Richard and Anne Brown
WGA3 Flames of the Falcon by Richard and Anne Brown
WGA4 Vecna Lives! by David Cook

WGA1 - WGA3 form the "Falcon" subseries; each include fold-out cardstock buildings.

WGA4 Vecna Lives! remains one of the most popular AD&D modules ever.  It involves high-level mages, artifacts, and evil demigods, and you really can't go wrong with that combination.

Printing Information Logos

None of the modules have any distinguishable printings.

Thanks to Norbert Jakobs for the scan of WGA1.

Falcon's Revenge
Flames of the Falcon
Vecna Lives!

Auction Commentary

Auction values on WGA1 - WGA3 seem to be rising, though the modules themselves apparently did not sell well.  WGA4 already goes for very high prices (probably due to its popularity rather than any actual rarity).

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