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 A gallery of original art found in collections worldwide.
Title Artist Published as TSR Item
Abandon Hope... Jeff Easley 1983 Dungeon Masters Guide (cover)
Air Attack Larry Elmore D&D Expert Set (cover)
All That Glitters... Carl Lundgren Dragon #50 (cover)
Apocalypse Stone Todd Lockwood Apocalypse Stone (cover)
Astral Encounter Jeff Easley Manual of the Planes (cover)
Back Cover Q1 Jeff Dee Q1 Queen of the Demonweb Pits (rear cover)
Back Cover S2 Bill Willingham S2 White Plume Mountain (rear cover)
Crown of Ancient Glory Keith Parkinson X13 Crown of Ancient Glory (cover)
Dark Citadel Jeff Easley Greyhawk Adventures (cover)
Darkness Peter Jones GM3 In Search of New Gods (cover)
Dragon Attack Jeff Easley 1983 Monster Manual (cover)
DragonLance Book of Lairs Bruce Eagle DragonLance Book of Lairs (cover)
Dungeon Horde Jeff Easley Dungeoneer's Survival Guide (cover)
Dungeon Masters Guide David Sutherland III 1979 Dungeon Masters Guide (cover)
Fafhrd & The Grey Mouser Dean Morrissey Dragon #18 (cover)
Forest Queen Tom Baxa Dragon #233 (cover)
Gargoyle David Dorman WG9 Gargoyle (cover)
Hecate & Hera Jim Roslof Deities & Demigods (interior)
Knights of Greyhawk Jeff Easley World of Greyhawk boxed set (cover)
Last Spell Jeff Easley Unearthed Arcana (cover)
Legends and Lore Jeff Easley Legends & Lore (cover)
Monster Manual David Sutherland III 1977 Monster Manual (cover)
Monstrous Manual II Jeff Easley Monster Manual II (cover)
Multiverse According to Vecna Kevin McCann Die Vecna Die! (interior)
Northwatch Keith Parkinson Dragon #137 (cover) and French Dragon #15 (cover)
Orcus's Doorman Keith Parkinson H4 Throne of Bloodstone (cover)
Players Handbook Jeff Easley 1983 Players Handbook (cover)
Red Dragon Larry Elmore D&D Basic Set (cover)
Samurai Attack Jeff Easley Oriental Adventures (cover)
Swamplight Tom Baxa GA2 Swamplight (cover)
Sword of Thornbane Larry Elmore D&D Companion Set (cover)
Temple of Death Tim Truman X5 Temple of Death (cover)
Unexpected Encounter Jeff Easley Wilderness Survival Guide (cover)
Unknown Clyde Caldwell AC5 Player Character Record (cover)
Unknown John Blanche 1977 UK D&D Basic Rulebook (cover)
Unknown Fred Fields LNA2 Newhon (cover)
Unknown Fred Fields Return to the Keep on the Borderlands (cover)
Unknown Scott Burdick Van Richten's Guide to Fiends (cover)
Unknown John & Laura Lakey WG10 Child's Play (pg 19)
Unknown John & Laura Lakey WG10 Child's Play (pg 23)
Unknown Fred Fields WGR1 Greyhawk Ruins (cover)
Wizard and Dragon Jeff Easley AD&D 2nd Ed Dungeon Master's Guide (cover)

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