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10th Anniversary Collector's Set5Jan 200385215342045255730683409Jan 2021
10th Anniversary Collector's Set
10th Anniversary Combo Packs5Aug 201256101135169203225Mar 2021
10th Anniversary Combo Packs
AD&D Fighting Wheel4Feb 2013397094117141156Mar 2021
AD&D Fighting Wheel
Adventurer's Guild modules5Aug 200288158210263315351May 2021
Adventurer's Guild modules
Artists of TSR5Apr 200557710381384173020762307Dec 2018
Artists of TSR
RPGA2Black Opal Eye4May 20182364255677098509456%Jun 2021
RPGA2 Black Opal Eye
Blackmoor: Supplement II (1st prt)4Jul 2004397094117141156Apr 2020
Blackmoor: Supplement II (1st prt)
Chainmail (Guidon Games, 1st Edition)5Sep 200296117292306288234583843Sep 2020
Chainmail (1st Edition)
Chainmail (Guidon Games, 2nd Edition)5Nov 20022213975306627958837%Jun 2021
Chainmail (2nd Edition)
Character Archaic5May 2018264475633791949105528%Jun 2021
Character Archaic
Character Record (1975 - green/orange/white)5Dec 200583815092012251430173353Aug 2017
Character Record (1975)
Character Record (1976 - orange)5Jul 200399178237296355394Oct 2020
Character Record (1976)
Character Sheets (Games Workshop)5Jun 200086155206258310344Dec 2020
Character Sheets (Games Workshop)
D&D Basic Set (1st prt)4Mar 2013190342456570684760Jan 2021
D&D Basic Set (1st prt)
Dark & Hidden Ways (with DSG)4Aug 20044988118147176196Apr 2017
Dark & Hidden Ways (with DSG)
Dark & Hidden Ways (without DSG)4Aug 2004142533415055Dec 2020
Dark & Hidden Ways (without DSG)
L3Deep Dwarven Delve4Dec 200230547290108120Apr 2021
L3 Deep Dwarven Delve
R4Doc's Island4Feb 2008174314418523628697Dec 2020
R4 Doc's Island
Domesday Book (any issue)5Aug 2012189534104547568468207578May 2018
Domesday Book
Dragon issue #14Dec 1999273491655819983109270%Jun 2021
Dragon issue #1
Dragon issue #24Dec 1999447810513115717439%Jun 2021
Dragon issue #2
Dragon issue #34Dec 199941739712214616265%Jun 2021
Dragon issue #3
Dragon issue #44Dec 1999193445566875Jul 2018
Dragon issue #4
Dragon issue #54Dec 1999213750627483Jan 2021
Dragon issue #5
Dragon Dice5Nov 20194886114143171190Oct 2020
Dragon Dice
Dragon Dice Percentage Generators5Apr 20054479105132158176Dec 2020
Dragon Dice Percentage Generators
Dungeon Floor Plans (Games Workshop)5Jun 2000407297121145161Nov 2019
Dungeon Floor Plans (Games Workshop)
Dungeon Geomorphs (any set) (1st prt)4Nov 2004234154688291Apr 2021
Dungeon Geomorphs (1st prt)
Dungeon Masters Guide (2nd Alpha prt)5Dec 200596617402319289934793866Feb 2019
Dungeon Masters Guide (2nd Alpha prt)
Dwarven Glory (1st prt)5Feb 2013356640854106712811423Jun 2015
Dwarven Glory (1st prt)
Dwarven Glory (2nd prt)4Jul 20024908821176147017641960Dec 2020
Dwarven Glory (2nd prt)
Dwarven Glory (3rd/4th prt)4Jul 2002214384512641769854Dec 2020
Dwarven Glory (3rd/4th prt)
R3Egg of the Phoenix4Jan 2000107193258322386429May 2021
R3 Egg of the Phoenix
R3 Pt 1Egg of the Phoenix (pre-publication)5Mar 20025199341245155718682076Aug 2019
R3 Egg of the Phoenix (pre-publication)
Eldritch Wizardry: Supplement III (1st prt)4Feb 2013336079991191323%Jun 2021
Eldritch Wizardry: Supplement III (1st prt)
RPGA4Elixir of Life4Oct 1999141255340424509566Jan 2021
RPGA4 Elixir of Life
Fantasy Worlds newsletter (any issue)5May 2003213750627583Oct 2020
Fantasy Worlds newsletter
First Quest Music Album (cassette)5Sep 200357103137171205228Apr 2016
First Quest Music Album (cassette)
First Quest Music Album (vinyl)4Sep 20033664861071291438%Jun 2021
First Quest Music Album (vinyl)
RPGA3Forgotten King4Oct 1999121219291364437486Dec 2020
RPGA3 Forgotten King
Game Reference Sheets5Dec 200530154272290310831203Aug 2017
Game Reference Sheets
Ghost Tower of Inverness (ltd)5May 200471412851713214125702855Aug 2018
Ghost Tower of Inverness (ltd)
Ghost Tower of Inverness (unnumbered)5May 2004232941915588698683839314May 2021
Ghost Tower of Inverness (unnumbered)
Gods, Demi-Gods, & Heroes: Supp IV (1st prt)4Jul 200028516885102113Dec 2020
Gods, Demi-Gods, & Heroes: Supp IV (1st prt)
Greyhawk: Supplement I (1st prt)5Sep 200363113150188225250Dec 2020
Greyhawk: Supplement I (1st prt)
Greyhawk Reference Sheets5Mar 2006118921402853356642794755Nov 2019
Greyhawk Reference Sheets
Hex Pad4Oct 2004386890113135150May 2021
Hex Pad
Hex Sheets (Games Workshop)5May 201865117156195234260Nov 2019
Hex Sheets (Games Workshop)
Hex Sheets (TSR)5Nov 201966119159199238265May 2021
Hex Sheets
R2Investigation of Hydell4Jan 2000101181241302362402May 2021
R2 Investigation of Hydell
R2Investigation of Hydell (pre-publication)5Jan 20075109181224153018362040Jun 2015
R2 Investigation of Hydell (pre-publication)
Jade Hare (coverless)4Feb 2000149268358447537596May 2021
Jade Hare
Jade Hare (w/cover)5Apr 2001133624043206400748085343Jan 2018
Jade Hare (w/cover)
Lost Caverns of Tsojconth (mono)5Jan 20005539951326165819892210May 2021
Lost Caverns of Tsojconth
Lost Tamoachan (ltd)5May 2004123322192959369844384931May 2021
Lost Tamoachan
Lost Tamoachan (unnumbered)5May 2018158928593813476657196354Nov 2019
Lost Tamoachan (unnumbered)
Monster Manual (1st prt)4Feb 2005991782372963563951%Jun 2021
Monster Manual (1st prt)
Monster & Treasure Assortment (any set) (1st/2nd)4May 2004213851637685Mar 2020
Monster & Treasure Assortment (1st/2nd)
Original D&D Set (woodgrain box, 1st prt)5Jun 20182710487865048131975710841Dec 2019
Original D&D Set (1st prt)
Original D&D Set (woodgrain box, 2nd prt)5Dec 2005195935264702587770527836May 2021
Original D&D Set (2nd prt)
Original D&D Set (woodgrain box, 3rd prt)5Mar 201311532076276834604153461414%Jun 2021
Original D&D Set (3rd prt)
Original D&D Set (white box, 4th prt)4May 2018201362483604724805Dec 2020
Original D&D Set (4th prt)
Outdoor Geomorphs (1st prt)4Nov 200469124165206247275Nov 2019
Outdoor Geomorphs (1st prt)
Outdoor Geomorphs (2nd-4th prt)4May 2018376689111133148Mar 2021
Outdoor Geomorphs (2nd-4th prt)
B3Palace of the Silver Princess (orange)5Mar 20084668381118139716771863May 2020
B3 Palace of the Silver Princess (orange)
Palace of the Vampire Queen (1st)5Aug 20054407931057132115861762Dec 2019
Palace of the Vampire Queen (1st)
Palace of the Vampire Queen (2nd)5Aug 200532057776996111541282Jul 2020
Palace of the Vampire Queen (2nd)
Palace of the Vampire Queen (3rd)5Aug 2005354637850106212751416Feb 2021
Palace of the Vampire Queen (3rd)
Palace of the Vampire Queen (4th)5Mar 2007100180240300360400Jun 2015
Palace of the Vampire Queen (4th)
Palace of the Vampire Queen (5th)5Mar 2007119214285356427475Jan 2020
Palace of the Vampire Queen (5th)
Palace of the Vampire Queen (6th)5Mar 200735063184110511262140280%Jun 2021
Palace of the Vampire Queen (6th)
Pharaoh (Daystar West)5May 200388415902120265131813534May 2021
Pharaoh (Daystar West)
AC5Player Character Record Sheets (1984)4Mar 2006117211281351421468Feb 2021
AC5 Player Character Record Sheets
Players Handbook (True 1st prt)4Feb 2003841512022523033371%Jun 2021
Players Handbook (True 1st prt)
Players Handbook (1st prt)4Jan 2002315776941131262%Jun 2021
Players Handbook (1st prt)
Quadrille Graph Paper5May 200098176234293351390Sep 2020
Quadrille Graph Paper
Quest for the Fazzlewood5Jan 200763811491532191522982553Jun 2019
Quest for the Fazzlewood
RPGA1Rahasia4Oct 1999203365487609731812Mar 2021
RPGA1 Rahasia
Rahasia (Daystar West)5Feb 2013408735980122414691633Mar 2019
Rahasia (Daystar West)
Secrets of the Sages newsletter4Jun 20005498130163195217Aug 2019
Secrets of the Sages
Silver Anniversary Collector's Edition4Mar 200642761021271531703%Jun 2021
Silver Anniversary Collector's Edition
Strategic Preview (any issue)5Jun 200462411241498187322482497May 2021
Strategic Preview
Strategic Review issue #14Dec 1999295370881051176%Jun 2021
Strategic Review #1
Strategic Review issue #24Dec 19991935465870777%Jun 2021
Strategic Review #2
Strategic Review issue #34Dec 19991527354453594%Jun 2021
Strategic Review #3
Strategic Review issue #44Dec 1999183243536471Mar 2021
Strategic Review #4
Strategic Review issue #54Dec 199913243240485318%Jun 2021
Strategic Review #5
Strategic Review issue #64Dec 19991629394959658%Jun 2021
Strategic Review #6
Strategic Review issue #75Dec 19991935475870785%Jun 2021
Strategic Review #7
Swords & Spells (1st prt)4May 2000254560759010023%Jun 2021
Swords & Spells (1st prt)
R1To the Aid of Falx4Jan 2000120216288360432481Apr 2021
R1 To the Aid of Falx
R1To the Aid of Falx (pre-publication)5Jan 20072704856478099701078Jun 2015
R1 To the Aid of Falx (pre-publication)
TSR Spotlight newsletter4Aug 20015497129162194216May 2021
TSR Spotlight newsletter
TSR Worlds newsletter (any issue)4May 20034275100125150167Mar 2020
TSR Worlds newsletter
Understanding D&D4Nov 20024887116145174193Feb 2017
Understanding D&D
ST1Up the Garden Path5May 2004101218222429303636434048Jan 2019
ST1 Up the Garden Path
Wild Things (with WSG)4Mar 200660107143179214238Jan 2021
Wild Things (with WSG)
Wild Things (without WSG)4Mar 2006122128364347May 2021
Wild Things (without WSG)
Your Personal Invitation to Adventure4Jan 2003814192429323%Jun 2021
Your Personal Invitation to Adventure
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