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Welcome to The Acaeum, repository of information on Dungeons & Dragons collectibles!

What You’ll Find Here:

  • Indexes of all Dungeons & Dragons items produced by TSR up through roughly 1989.  These include descriptive text, cover scans, estimated auction values, rarity, and other minutiae.

  • Various subwebs that cover other branches of D&D, or other gaming systems entirely!  These subwebs have been built by community members who've stepped up to the challenge of creating, editing, and maintaining these projects

  • Essays, FAQs, and links covering a wide range of D&D-collecting topics.

  • Opportunities to submit your own bits of data… we’re still very much a work-in-progress!

  • A friendly and knowledgeable staff who can help answer your D&D-collecting trivia questions.

  • A thriving D&D-collecting community in our forums... meet and interact with the hobby's top collectors as well as industry figureheads!

What You Won’t Find Here:

  • Much information at all on items produced 1990 and later.  The primary focus of The Acaeum is on items of collectible value; the sad fact is that most items produced after the mid 1980’s are pretty much still going for cover price at auctions.

  • Info on playing D&D.  There’s a plethora of other web sites that cover every possible aspect of playing this game, as well as provide homemade modules, accessories, etc.  The Acaeum was created in response to a perceived need for hard data on collecting D&D materials. We are the only known web site on the Internet currently doing so.

Enjoy!  And please don’t hesitate to contact us, whether with questions, information, or suggestions on how we can do a better job.


The Acaeum webmaster