Lettered Booklets and Sheets
I Series = City State
  I-1 Dungeon Level 1
  I-2 Dungeon Level 2
  I-3 Dungeon Level 3
  I-4 Dungeon Level 4
  I-5 Dungeon Level 5
  I-6 Ready Ref Sheet: Man to Man Melee Table/Saving Throws
  I-7 Ready Ref Sheet: Monsters Attacking/Monster List
  I-8 Ready Ref Sheet: Men Attacking/Weapons/Saving Throws/Missile Fire [sic]/Experience
  I-9 City State Player Map
  I-10 City State Player Map
  I-11 City State Player Map
  I-12 City State Player Map
  I-13 to I-28 Guidelines Booklet I (16 pages)
  I-29/I-30 Judges Guild Journal 'I' Initial Issue '#0' (2 pages)
J Series = Thunderhold
  J-1 Dungeon Level 1
  J-2 Dungeon Level 2
  J-3 Dungeon Level 3
  J-4 Dungeon Level 4
  J-5 Ready Ref Sheet: Surprise/Phantasmal Forces/Encounters/Time Required/Weapon Priority
  J-6 No item labeled as such
  J-7 to J18 Guidelines Booklet J (12 pages)
  J19 to J20 Judges Guild Journal 'J' Issue #1 (2 pages)
K Series = City State Campaign
  K-1 to K-12 Guidelines Booklet K (12 pages)
    Ready Ref Sheet: Construction Costs & Time Required (no numbering)
    Ready Ref Sheet: Wizard´┐Żs Guide (no numbering)
L Series = Tegel Manor
  L-1 to L-24 Guidelines Booklet L, 'Tegel Manor' (24 pages)
    Ready Ref Sheet: Character Checklist (no numbering)
M Series = Modron
  M-1 to M-16 Guidelines Booklet M, 'Water Adventures' (16 pages)