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The Domesday Book was a newsletter published by the Castle & Crusade Society (a subsidiary of the International Federation of Wargaming, or IFW) beginning in 1970.  The newsletter was founded by Gary Gygax, who was the editor of issue #1.  Subsequent issues had rotating editors.  They were hand-typed on an IBM Selectric typewriter, then photocopied for distribution.  Thirteen issues were published and distributed, with a fourteenth issue that was produced but never distributed.

The official IFW newsletter, International Wargamer, makes several mentions of the Castle & Crusade Society, occasionally referring to their newsletter as the "Doomsday Book" (notice the spelling difference).  In the August 1970 International Wargamer, the current Domesday Book issue (either #5 or #6) is described as 32 pages long, with a subscription rate of $2 for 12 issues.  (Thanks to Adam Shultz for this info).

From Best of Dragon Volume 1, in an article by Gygax: "The medieval rules, Chainmail (Gygax and Perren) were published in Domesday Book prior to publication by Guidon Games.  Of course they were in a less developed state, and were only for 1:20 figure scale.  Between the time they appeared in Domesday Book and the Guidon edition, I revised and expanded the rules for 1:20 and added 1:1 scale games, jousting and fantasy."

From Frank Mentzer:  "There are variances in their appearance.  Some have front pages of colored paper, with content on both sides of the other pages, and such copies usually have the C&C Society stamp on the back cover, often with a mailing label.  Some of the mailed issues are on plain white paper throughout. Domesdays were free 1-pg handouts at first, picked up at the club meetings (the first two issues - FoulFoot).

"The original Domesdays were mimeograph copies.  Club members who had dropped out soon started asking for back issues if they updated their dues.  They did, and Rob ran off more copies, this time on a photocopier - he'd thrown away the original master mimeo sheets (which are chemical-based and degenerate over a short time).  The originals were done around 1970-71; these "second printings" were 1973-74.  We can sometimes tell original vs. copy by the type of paper used.  However, that could obviously be defeated by using old paper to make modern copies.  Thus, the combination of provenance plus physical characteristics is the sole practical method of verification.  (Sometimes we find Rob's or Gary's name on the front page of the period copy. In that case the source piece is obvious)."

Issue #1 (Mar 1970)

  • Editor Gary Gygax
  • A single, one-sided page; mimeographed
  • Free issue / pre-subscription.  Distributed by hand only
  • Only one copy of #1 is known to exist
  • Thanks to Jon Peterson for the scan

Issue #2 (Apr 1970)

  • A single, double-sided page
  • "Domesday Book" hand-drawn title at top
  • Muster of Arms Goes on Apace (listing of open positions in the C&C Society)
  • DB Contest #1 ("What is a Lucern Hammer?")
  • What is the Medieval Period?
  • King Creates First Peer of the Realm (commending Sir Gary Gygax, Order of the Morning Star)
  • Armorial Bearings
  • DB Contest #2
  • Free issue / pre-subscription.  Distributed by hand only
  • Auction History:  $18,000 (NM, 8/08) (No, that's not a typo)

Issue #3 (May 1970)

  • First issue mailed to paid subscribers / members
  • Five pages long
  • Only two copies of #3 are known to exist
  • Thanks to William Meinhardt for the scan

Issue #4 (Jun 1970)

  • Society Rank and Privilege (by Gary Gygax)
  • Armorial Bearings (by Kuntz, Gygax, Perren, Jenkins)
  • Battle Report - Two Groves (by Gary Gygax)
  • Medieval Arms (by Gary Gygax).   Excerpts from Encyclopedia Britannica
  • DB Trivia Contest Answers I, II, III, IV (by Gary Gygax)
  • DB Trivia Contest V (by Rob Kuntz)
  • Jousting! (by Gary Gygax).  Preview of Jousting Article and PBM Tournament
  • Painting Tip (by Read Boles)
  • Japanese Armory (by Gary Gygax and Rob Kuntz)
  • Membership List and Precedence (by Gary Gygax)
  • Suggested Name for this Society and Its Newsletter (by Gary Gygax)
  • The Broadside (by Chris Johnson and Gary Gygax).  Letters column

Issue #5 (Jul 1970)

  • LGTSA Miniatures Rules (by Jeff Perren with Gary Gygax)
  • Crusadomancy: Diplomacy Variant for the Middle Ages
  • The Herald's Scroll (by William Linden)
  • The Armory (by Ken Scher)
  • The Broadside (by Ken Scher)
  • Jesting (cartoons)
  • Tigers of the Sea (by Dave Arneson)
  • Odds and Ends (including GenCon III news)
  • Battle Report (by Stephen A. Thomas Jr.)
  • Thanks to Paul Stormberg for the scan
  • Auction History:  $4,203 (GD, 9/12)

Issue #6 (Aug 1970)

  • Medieval Japan (by Gary Gygax)
  • Sailing Ships through the Years (well illustrated but uncredited)
  • Sand Table Roads (uncredited)
  • Germany in the Middle Ages (by Terry Kuntz)
  • Knights' Jousting Tourney (uncredited, presumed Russell Tulp)
  • The Fyte by the Ford (by Stefen Kwiatkowski).  Includes rules
  • Hand Cannon (uncredited)
  • Burnaby Medieval Rules (B.C. Chapter, Model Generals' Club)
  • The Evolution of the Wargamer (by Rick Crane)
  • Financial Statement (by Terry Kuntz)
  • Curia Regis (uncredited, probably by Rob Kuntz)
  • Court Jester's Letter (uncredited, but Jester in Membership List is Chris Johnson)
  • Membership List (31 people)
  • Missives
  • Thanks to William Meinhardt for the scan

Issue #7 (Sep 1970)

  • Whose Rules are These? (by Gary Gygax).  For medieval miniatures
  • Maybe Dracula Wasn't as Bad as Legends Say (by the World Journal Tribune)
  • An Analysis of China's Military Development (by Rick Crane)
  • Fortification (by Ken Scher)
  • Barbaria (by Russell Tulp).  Diplomacy variant, with map
  • Dark Ages, Medieval Conflict on Alternate World "Entropy" (by Gary Gygax, with map & bibliography)
  • Missives
  • Chamberlain's Report (financial summary)
  • Membership List
  • Curia Regis (by Rob Kuntz).  King's Proclamation of new C&CS rules for demotion to serf, general questions to members, and another appeal for articles
  • 28 pages total
  • Thanks to Frank Mentzer for the scans of the cover and Chamberlain's Report
  • Auction History:  $3706 (GD, 9/12)

Issue #8 (undated, presumed late 1970)

  • Hard Men - Hard Times (reprint of fiction from "Fighting Men", 1963)
  • Hand to Hand? (by Ken Scher)
  • The Disappearance of the Longbow (by Gary Gygax)
  • A Few Notes on Polish Heraldry (by Stefen Kwiatkowski)
  • Elephant Armour (by Ken Scher)
  • From the Chief Scrivener
  • Thanks to Paul Stormberg for the scan
  • Auction History:  $3673 (GD, 9/12)

Issue #9 (date unknown)

  • may include details on the overthrow of King Kuntz

Issue #10 (Apr 1971)

  • (Credits note: King is Gary Gygax; Rob Kuntz not mentioned; Position of Steward/Asst. Executive now available)
  • Attributed Arms (by William Linden)
  • The Herald's Scroll (by William Linden)
  • The Roll of Arms (by William Linden).  Heraldry of members
  • The Battle of Barnet (by Franklin Hamilton).  From the book "Challenge for a Throne"
  • Medieval Oared Warships of the Mediterranean (by Ken Scher)
  • Story of Pygmalion (by Tom Webster)
  • Behold the Terrible Turk (by Ken Scher)
  • GenCon IV preview note
  • Announcement (by Tom Webster).  Ancients Society Report, Last Issue, 4/30/71
  • Thanks to Paul Stormberg for the scan
  • Auction History:  $3050 (GD, 9/12)

Issue #11 (undated but 1971):

  • (Credits note: King is Rob Kuntz again; Steward/Asst. Executive Dave Arneson; Gary Gygax not mentioned; published by Deborah & Christopher Schleicher [Chicago], illustrations courtesy of Steve Unstead)
  • Janos Hunyadi -- Borderer (by Stephen Gilbert Unstead)
  • Medieval Fortifications (by Ken Scher)
  • (Bulletin: Rob I Regains Kingship!)
  • The Disparity Between Medieval Ideals and Reality (by Ken Scher)
  • Naval Warfare, Pre-Gunpowder Period (by Ken Scher)
  • First Jousting Report (by Russell Tulp)
  • LGTSA Medieval Miniatures: Rules Changes (by Gary Gygax)
  • Chamberlain's Report (by Terry Kuntz)
  • Thanks to William Meinhardt for the scan

Issue #12 (Jun 1972):

  • (Credits note: Chief Scrivener has been dismissed due to lack of articles)
  • Lincolnshire (by Dave Arneson)
  • The Purge (by Walter J. Williams)
  • Missives
  • Questionnaire
  • Thanks to Paul Stormberg for the scan
  • Auction History:  $3157 (GD, 9/12)

Issue #13 (Jul 1972):

  • (Credits note: King & Steward still Kuntz & Arneson, but "original editor and founder E. Gary Gygax")
  • The Storming of Minis Ithil (Part 1)
  • Facts About Black Moor (by Dave Arneson).  Appears to be the first published article on the Blackmoor campaign.  It also includes the first published map of Blackmoor (viewable here), which is slightly different from the later version in the Judges' Guild supplement First Fantasy Campaign.  Thanks to Ed Courtroul for the scan.
  • Feudal Kingship (by Terry Kuntz)
  • Missives (letter column)
  • Letter from the King (by Rob Kuntz).  An explanation of delays, appeal for articles; no more back issues available; mentions sending postcards to 80 members.  Per Frank Mentzer: "This letter was the last item written for issue #13.  All of the mailed copies seem to contain that letter, but some copies handed out to locals do not.  The reason for the omission is unknown but presumed to be that Rob simply didn't make enough copies of it."
  • Paper Models? (by Louis Bergeron)
  • Precedence by Title or Office.  Reprinted from issue #7
  • 2-page ad for Panzerfaust Magazine
  • Knights Jousting Tourney.  Tournament rules for jousting with miniatures; reprinted from issue #6, and eventually incorporated into Chainmail
  • 17 pages total
  • Thanks to Frank Mentzer for the cover scan
  • Auction History:  $800 (date unknown), $4335 (GD, 9/12)

Issue #14 (never published/distributed):

  • Cover Illustration: Armored knight with hand-and-a-half sword, side view; plus flag on pike-pole
  • Title, List of Officers (credits as #13), Table of Contents
  • The Storming of Minas Ithil (Part 2 - Conclusion & Afterword)
  • Cartoon
  • Missives, #1 of 3-part letter from Steve Ulmstead (Kt.)
  • Cartoon
  • Ad for Lowry's Hobbies (Belleville, IL) featuring 15% Discount on Avalon Hill games
  • Only one copy of this issue is known to exist
  • Thanks to William Meinhardt for the scan
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Articles of Notable Influence on the Future of the Hobby

Foundations of Chainmail:

  • Issue #5 (7/70):  LGTSA Miniatures Rules, by Jeff Perren with Gary Gygax
  • Issue #6 (8/70):  Burnaby Medieval Rules (B.C. Chapter, Model Generals' Club)
  • Issue #7 (9/70):  Whose Rules are These?, by Gary Gygax
  • Issue #11 (71):   LGTSA Medieval Miniatures: Rules Changes, by Gary Gygax

Prelude to OD&D Blackmoor:

  • Issue #13 (7/72):  Facts about Black Moor, by Dave Arneson

Prelude to AD&D Oriental Adventures:

  • Issue #6 (8/70):  Medieval Japan, by Gary Gygax

Membership and Precedence List (per issue #7, Sep 1970):

1   Rob Kuntz (King)
2   Gary Gygax (Steward, Earl Palatine, OMSC)
3   Bill Linden (Lord Price of Arms, Viscount, OMS)
4   Jeff Perren (Viscount, OMS, Mercenary Captain, OH)
5   Christopher Schleicher (Chief Scrivner, Viscount)
6   Terry Kuntz (Chamberlain, Baron, OMS)
7   Dave Arneson (Pursuivant, Baron)
8   Russell Tulp (Justicar, Baron)
9   Rick Crane (High Constable, Baron, OH)
10   Ken Scher (Baron)
11   Stephen A. Thomas Jr. (Baron)
12   Stefen Kwiatkowski (Baron, OH)
13   Tom Webster (OMS)
14   Harry Manogg (Herald, Kt.)
15   H. Axel Krigsman Jr. (Sheriff, Kt.)
16   Al Macintyre (Kt.)
17   Chris Johnson (Court Jester, Kt.)
18   Read Boles (Kt.)
19   Bill Hoyer (Kt.)
20   Paul Cote (Esq.)
21   Richard Locke (Esq.)
22   Sam Ferris (Esq.)
23   Duane Jenkins (Esq.)
24   Terry Stafford (Esq.)
25   Patrick Wilson (Gent.)
26   Bill Larson (Gent.)
27   John Bobek (Gent.)
28   George Kwiatkowski (Gent.)
29   Gerald Crane (Gent.)
30   Steve Umstead (Gent.)
31   Terry Winckler (Gent.)
32   Stuart Trembly (Gent.)
33   Tom Bray (Gent.)
34   Len Lakofka (Gent.)
35   Charles Pasco (Gent.)
36   Tom Hazlett (Gent.)
37   Harley Anton (Gent.)
38   James Lurvey (Gent.)
39   Bill Belke (Gent.)
40   George Patton (Gent.)
41   Mike Gutierrez (Gent.)

For those of a mind to begin contacting people on this list, a bit from Paul Stormberg: "I have contacted most of the 42 known members of the original Society and ran a reunion in 2006 at the Lake Geneva Gaming Convention.  Sadly none of them have their original newsletters."

The C&C Society began with twelve members, and at its zenith was said to be about 60 - 80.  Therefore, roughly 80 copies of each issue (maximum) were printed, and probably only a handful survive today.

Thanks to Ed Courtroul, Rob Kuntz, Frank Mentzer, William Meinhardt, Phillip Rhodes, and Paul Stormberg for the info on this page.