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Second and Third prints of the Original D&D Set were often bundled with a "Correction Sheet".  The text from that sheet is transcribed here, along with additional comments and clarifications in italics.  With exceptions as noted, these errata apply to the First through Fourth prints.  Thanks to Llaurenela Zrenlician for this!   A scan of the sheet is also available here.  It should be stated that several different versions of the Sheet exist, differing only in the logo (either GK or Lizard) and the name & address of TSR / Tactical Studies Rules.

MEN & MAGIC, Volume 1

Page 9:  Add "Griffons" under the neutrality column.  Delete the first listing for "Wights" under the Chaos column.

Page 11, line 35:  "30% to 40%" should be 40% to 50%.

Page 22, line 21:  The "T" cross index for Zombie/Adept should be 7.

Page 23, line 34:  "…2+1), ("and" deleted) from 1-6, 3rd level types, and but 1 4th level type (up to 4+1 hit dice)."

Page 28, line 9:  "each" should be east (in the Fifth and Sixth printings the reference is on page 27, line 18, and it was corrected)


Page 3:  Table heading "% In Liar" should be "% In Lair"

Page 3:  Skeletons/Zombies hit dice should read 1/2/1 (read as one-half / one)

Page 14, line 24:  "doing two, three or four dice of damage (depending on size)!"  Refers to Balrogs description, which is not in the Sixth printing

Page 14, line 31:  add Only magical weapons/attacks affect Gargoyles.  In the Sixth printing, this is on Page 14, line 15

Page 14, line 33:  add Only silver weapons or magical weapons/attacks affect Lycanthropes.  In the Sixth printing, this is on Page 14, Line 18

Page 14, Fifth printing and earlier, Balrogs appears immediately after dragon treasure, but in the Sixth printing Balrogs is replaced with an illustration.

Page 18, line 22:  add Only magical weapons/attacks affect Elementals.

Page 24, SCROLLS:  There is a 25% chance that any scroll of spells found will contain those useable by Clerics.

Page 32, Heroism:  add The potion will cause fighters of 5th – 7th level to increase two levels, and 8th – 10th level to increase by one level of ability.
SCROLLS: N.B.  After reading a spell from a scroll the writing disappears, so the spell is usable one time only!  In the Fifth and Sixth printings, this correction was made except that the "N.B." was not inserted.


Page 11:  Balrogs should have "Die" 9.  In the Sixth printing "Spectres" were inserted in place of Balrogs.

Page 18, line 10:  An Encounter occurs in a City on a 6.  Actually, line 7, at least in the Fifth and Sixth printings.

Page 24, line 16:  The missing word is ten.  Actually, line 18, at least in the Fifth and Sixth printings, and is inserted as the number 10 instead of the word ten.

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