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Errata for the Players Handbook, first released in Jun 1978.  Unlike the errata for the Dungeon Masters Guide, which were incorporated into the "Revised Edition" of Dec 1979, most of the Players Handbook changes were never published in any print.  Only four of the changes were incorporated; the print in which the particular change appeared is noted in blue text below.   These changes originally appeared in Dragon Magazine #35.  (Thanks to Scott Cisek, Rene Hurka, and Marc Smith for help with this info).

Additionally, a random bit of errata trivia: in the Second print (and perhaps the First as well), the 5th level Cleric rank is "Perfect". Subsequent prints leave that rank blank.  All other ranks are present and identical between prints. (Note: contributor Chris Vermeers states that his Seventh print copy has the "Perfect" rank, though this is the only such copy so far reported).  One may wonder why this rank was removed -- perhaps because it was intended to be Prefect, and it was somehow easier to remove it than correct it.

Correction 11A

Wisdom should be changed to read as follows, "Furthermore, clerics with exceptional wisdom (13 or greater) also gain bonus spells over and above the number they are normally able to use."

Addition 11B

Wisdom Table II should be changed to read "Adjustments for Clerics and Druids."

Correction 11C

Dexterity Table 1:  Strike from ability score 14 "Maximum dexterity for a half‑orc character."  Ability score 17 should read, "Maximum dexterity for a dwarf or half‑orc character."

Correction 15A:  Corrected in Eighth print

Character Race Table III:  The dexterity scores for half‑orcs should read,"3/3; 17/17."

Correction 25A

The Magic‑user, fifth paragraph, first sentence should be changed to read, "When a magic‑user attains 7th level (Enchanter) or higher, he or she may scribe magic scrolls and concoct potions, and upon achieving 12th level (Wizard) or higher may attempt to enchant items."

Correction 27A

The Thief, additional abilities #2 should read, "At 4th level (Robber) thieves ore able to read 20% of languages, and this ability increases by 5% with each additional level of experience until an 80% probability is attained."

Correction 30A

The Monk, paragraph 5 should be changed to read, "With respect to combat, monks attack on the same table as clerics."

Correction 38A:  Corrected in Fourth, Fifth, or Sixth print

Weapon Types Table, the entries for military pick should read, "Pick, Military, Footman's; Pick, Military, Horseman's."

Correction 38B:  Corrected in Eighth print

Hurled Weapons and Missiles: The last sentence should be changed to say, "Adjust by ‑2 at all medium ranges, ‑5 at all long ranges."

Correction 48A

The level of Detect Lie should say, "Level: 4."

Correction 49A

Cure Critical Wounds:  The following sentence should say, "Its reverse, cause critical wounds, operates in the same fashion as other cause wounds spells, requiring a successful touch to inflict the 6‑27 hit points of damage."

Correction 58A

Water Breathing:  The components should say "Components: V, S."

Correction 73A

Explosive Runes:  Saving throw should be altered to say, "Saving Throw: None or 1/2."

Addition 87A:  Corrected in Fourth, Fifth, or Sixth print

Delayed Blast Fire Ball:  Add to the components so it reads, "Components: V, S, M."

Correction 120A

The Outer Planes:  Number 21 should read, "The furnaces of Gehenna of evil lawful neutrals."



The limitations given for races on the Ability Score Table are intended to apply to the entire race, not just player characters.  Therefore, several inconsistencies between the maximum scores and the player character racial adjustments are not mistakes.  For example, although player character elves have a ‑1 on their constitution, the racial maximum for constitution of elves is 18.  This is because, as explained in the Dungeon Masters Guide, exceptional non‑player elves may have a constitution of 18.  Likewise, although it is impossible for a player character halfling to roll the maximum 19 constitution, a non‑player halfling could, due to the bonus received on constitution for NPC halflings in the DMG.

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