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Dragon magazine published errata for Unearthed Arcana in issue #103.  The article states that the changes would be incorporated into later prints, but this revision never transpired.

Thanks very much to Ewen McCairns for the transcription of this article!

Page 6:

Half-orcs: -3
Dwarves, gnomes, dark elf males: -1
Halflings*, humans*, wild elves, valley elves: 0
Half-elves*, sylvan elves*, dark elf females: +1
Gray elves*, high elves*: +2
* – Treat the indicated pair on each of these lines as being of the same race for purposes of effective comeliness; e.g., halflings are just as attractive (or repulsive) to humans as humans are to each other, and vice versa.

Page 7:

Half-Elves   Alignment Requirements:
Yes1   Any non-evil at start
Yes1   Lawful good only
Yes2   Any
yes   True Neutral only3
yes   Any
No   Any non-lawful
Yes2   Any good4
Yes2   Any
No   Any
yes   Any non-good at start
yes   Any non-good at start
yes   Any evil at start
No   Any lawful
yes   Any neutral

1: If of dark, gray, or high elf descent           3: Possibly with good tendencies
2: Except for those of wild elf descent         4: Possibly with neutral tendencies

Page 8:

level in the ranger class, but a half-elf ranger with the same ability scores can rise as high as 11th level in the class.  A hill dwarf assassin is restricted to the level limits shown on the table, since a hill dwarf cannot be both a multi-classed character and an assassin.

Page 12:
Half-elf* (½E)                                
   Dark descent T N N G A A N A A A N ** A A A T N
   Any other N N N A G G G A G N T P N N T A T
   Hairfoot (HH) N T T A T T N N T N T N P P P N T
   Stout (SH) T G G A T T N N T T T N P P P N N
   Tallfellow (TH) N T T N G G T T G N T G P P P N N
Half-orc (½O) N H H N A A A A A A H A N N A P T
Human (H) N N N N N N N N N N N T N N N N P

*  With regard to the reactions of races other than elves, half-elves are considered as a specific racial type.  However, elves will react to half-elves as if the half-elf were either a half-elf or a full-blooded elf of the same racial type as the half-elf's non-human ancestor, whichever is the more negative reaction.

**  Preference for half-elves of dark descent, hatred of all other half-elves.

Page 12:

Maximum No. of Hit Dice

10( + 1)3
17 ( + 1)6

Page 13:

Assassin               As thief                 yes5
5: An assassin cannot use a shield during a melee round in which the character is engaged in the act of assassination

Page 15:

10-Sided Dice for Accum. Hit Points

Page 18:

The Fighter

The scope of the fighter class is expanded in two major respects.  First, fighters are able to employ any and all of the new weapon types detailed in this book.  Second is the benefit of weapon specialization, described below, which is available to all single-classed (but not multi-classed) fighters and rangers.

Page 22:

Fighter 7-12................................................. 3/2 rounds
    Barbarian 6-10......................................... 3/2 rounds
    Ranger 8-14............................................. 3/2 rounds
Cavalier 6-10................................................ 3/2 rounds
    Paladin 7-12............................................ 3/2 rounds

Page 23:

strength, dexterity, and practice to improve.  A successful pole vault requires at least a 30' running start and a pole at least two-thirds the length of the distance to be vaulted.  The pole is dropped when the vault occurs.  The vaulter can land on his or her feet atop a surface of 1/2' less height than the maximum height of the pole vault, if so desired, assuming such a surface exists.  Otherwise the vaulter lands, tumble-rolls, and is on his or her feet in 1 segment.  Non-thief-acrobats cannot effectively pole vault.

Page 25:

Pole Vaulting


Page 29:

Speak With Plants


Spell Immunity


Spike Growth

Raise Dead

Sticks to Snakes

Spike Stones


True Seeing

Page 30:

Monster Summoning II
Otiluke's Resilient Sphere

Page 44:

While the staff/treant will initially be of largest size and greatest number of hit points, each 8 points of damage it accumulates actually reduce it by 1 hit die.  The staff begins at 12 hit dice and 96 hit points,

Page 74:

Character Age

A barbarian player character will be 15-19 (14 + 1d4) years old at the start of his or her career.  The starting age for a cavalier player character is the same as for a cleric of that race – 500 + 10d10 for an elf, 40 + 2d4 for a half elf, and 18 + 1d4 for a human.

Page 102:

round, i.e. “an arrow + 1,” “an arrow + 3,” “a javelin,” etc. – so long as that item was previously placed in the quiver.

Page 107:

A stunned opponent will be so affected for 1-10 segments, during which time no actions may be taken.  Any spells in the process of being cast are lost.  If an opponent that is already stunned is stunned  by a later attack, the opponent must save versus death magic to avoid being knocked unconscious for 1-4 rounds.  A stunned opponent defends without benefit of dexterity or shield, and is + 4 to be hit.

Character Race Table III.: Multi-classed character options


























Gray x       x x             x x                  


Hill x                       x                    


Mountain x                       x                    


Dark x x x   x x         x   x x x x x     x x x x


Gray/High x x x   x x x x x x x   x x x x x     x x x x


Valley/Wood x x x   x x x x x x x   x x x x x     x x x x


Wild                         x                    


Deep x     x x x           x x x       x x        


Surface x     x x             x x         x          

Halfling, All

x       x   x     x     x                    
Half-Orc x       x x             x x                  

Thieves Table II

   Effects of Armor on Thief Functions
Thief Function

No Armor1

Elfin Chain

Studded or Padded

Ring or Chain

Scale or Banded

Plate Mail

Plate Armor

Pick Pockets + 5% -20% -30% -40% -50% -75% -100%
Open Locks -5% -10% -15% -20% -40% -80%
Find/Remove Traps -5% -10% -15% -20% -40% -80%
Move Silently + 10% -10% -20% -40% -60% -80% -100%
Hide in Shadows2 + 5% -10% -20% -30% -50% -75% -110%
Hear Noise -5% -10% -20% -30% -50% -70%
Climb Walls + 10% -20% -30% -40% -90% -99% -99.9%

General Note: 
No dexterity bonuses apply to thief functions (though penalties do) when wearing armor other than simple leather.

This category applies when wearing bracers of defense and/or a cloak, but no large protective devices.

Assumes that armor worn is covered by another garment.  Elfin chain mail is light and thin, and can be worn under normal clothing.  All other types of armor except simple leather are stiff and/or bulky, and can only be covered by a full body cloak.

Thief-Acrobats Table V

   Effects of Armor on Thief-Acrobat Functions
Thief-Acrobat Function

No Armor1

Elfin Chain

Studded or Padded

Ring or Chain

Scale or Banded

Plate Mail

Plate Armor

Tightrope Walking + 5% -10% -40% -70% -90% -100%
Pole Vaulting + 1' -½' -1' -4' -8' -12' -18'
High Jumping + 1' -½' -1' -4' -8' -12' -18'
Broad Jump, Standing + ½' -½' -3' -5' -7' -10'
Broad Jump, Running + 1' -½' -5' -10' -15' -20'
Tumbling, Attack + 2% -5% -10% -20% -20% -30% -50%
Tumbling, Evasion + 4% -5% -10% -30% -60% -70% -70%
Tumbling, Falling + 5' -5' -10' -30' -50' -70'

General Note: 
No dexterity bonuses apply to functions (although all penalties do) when wearing armor other than simple leather.

This category applies when wearing bracers of defense and/or a cloak, but no large protective devices.

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