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From the earliest modules up through the mid-1990's, TSR used module codes which corresponded (usually) to either the modules' theme, setting, or content.  The system eventually got out of hand, and was dropped.  The module codes' commonly accepted definitions are as follows (thanks to Brett Easterbrook, Kent Kelly, and Paul Stormberg for help with this compilation):

A Aerie of the slave lords (or Advanced)
AC ACcessory
ALQ Al Qadim
B Basic
BSOLO Basic Solo
C Competition
CA City Adventure
CB Conan the Barbarian
CGR Character Guide Reference?
CM CoMpanion
CN CoNan (not for D&D)
D Drow
DA Dave Arneson
DDA Dungeons & Dragons Adventure
DDREF Dungeons & Dragons Reference
DL DragonLance
DLA DragonLance Adventure
DLC DragonLance Classic
DLE DragonLance Epic
DLQ DragonLance Quest
DLR DragonLance Reference
DLS DragonLance Saga
DLT DragonLance Tales
DMGR Dungeon Masters Guide Reference
DMR Dungeon Master's Reference
DQ Dragon Quest
DSE Dark Sun Epic? 
DSM Dark Sun Mission? 
DSQ Dark Sun Quest 
DSR Dark Sun Reference 
DSS Dark Sun Sourcebook 
EX EXtension
FA Forgotten Realms Adventure
FMA Forgotten Realms Maztica Adventure 
FMQ Forgotten Realms Maztica Quest 
FOR Forgotten Realms 
FR Forgotten Realms
FRA Forgotten Realms Adventure
FRC Forgotten Realms Companion (some say Computer)
FRE Forgotten Realms Epic
FRM Forgotten Realms Mission?
FROA Forgotten Realms Oriental Adventures
FRQ Forgotten Realms Quest 
FRS Forgotten Realms Sourcebook?
G Giants
GA General Adventure? 
GAZ GAZetteer
GDQ Giants, Drow, Queen of the demonweb pits
GM Game Master (not by TSR)
GR General Reference
H High level
HCM Hebrew Companion Modules
HHQ Head-to-Head Quest 
HR Historical Reference 
HWA Hollow World Adventure 
HWQ Hollow World Quest 
HWR Hollow World Reference 
I Intermediate level
IM IMmortals
IQ InQuest 
L Lendore isles (or Low level)
LC Living City
LNA Lankhmar / Newhon Adventures
LNR Lankhmar / Newhon Reference 
M Master
MC Monstrous Compendium
MSOLO Marker SOLO (note: M2SOLO is confusingly labeled M2)
MV Magic Viewer
N Novice
O One on one
OA Oriental Adventures
OP Outer Planes
PC Player Character
PHBR Player's HandBook Reference
Q Queen of the demonweb pits
R Role playing game association
RA Ravenloft Adventure
REF REFerence (REFeree?)
RM Ravenloft Mission? 
RPGA Role Playing Game Association
RQ Ravenloft Quest 
RR Ravenloft Reference
RS Red Sonja (also Ravenloft Sourcebook)
S Special
SJ SpellJammer
SJA SpellJammer Adventure
SJQ SpellJammer Quest 
SJR SpellJammer Reference
SJS SpellJammer Sourcebook
ST Steam Train (Stoke on Trent?)
T Temple of elemental evil (or Towers)
TM Trail Map
U Underwater
UK United Kingdom
WG World of Greyhawk
WGA World of Greyhawk Adventure
WGM World of Greyhawk Mission?
WGQ World of Greyhawk Quest
WGR World of Greyhawk Reference
WGS World of Greyhawk Swords
X eXpert
XL eXpert Ljn (as in LJN figures) (or eXpert Licensed)
XS eXpert Solo

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