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There are hundreds of RPG conventions held every year, in the U.S. and abroad.  Listed below are some of the largest conventions, which understandably will have the best RPG auctions.
GenCon    The largest gaming convention in the U.S., and one of the biggest in the world.  Last year's attendance was nearly 60,000 unique visitors.  The GenCon RPG collectibles auction has no peer anywhere; the lead auctioneer is Frank Mentzer, former TSR luminary (and Acaeum Forum member ExTSR !). GenCon is held in Indianapolis, Indiana.  August 2-5, 2018


Origins    The second largest gaming convention in the U.S, with a 2014 attendance of just under 13,000.  Origins will be held in Columbus, Ohio for the foreseeable future.  June 13-17, 2018


DragonCon    The largest entertainment (comprising games, computers, Sci-Fi, television, film, comic books, etc) convention in the U.S, with a 2014 attendance approaching 60,000.  Held in Atlanta, Georgia.  Aug 30 - Sep 3, 2018


GameHole Con    The largest tabletop gaming convention in the upper Midwest, situated near the birthplace of RPGs.  Features a collectible gaming auction at 8pm Saturday, sponsored by The Acaeum!  Held in Madison, Wisconsin.  November 8-11, 2018


North Texas RPG   Con    A relative newcomer, the North Texas RPG Con is organized and attended by a large number of Acaeum forum regulars.  2017's early list of confirmed guests are Mike Breault, Chris Clark, Jeff Dee, Matt Finch, Bruce Heard, Jack Herman, Jennell Jaquays, Erol Otus, Dr. Dennis Sustare, James M. Ward, Bill Webb, and Steven Winter.  Held at the Westin DFW Airport hotel in Irving, Texas. 10th Anniversary: June 7-10, 2018


U*Con    Held at the Student Union of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.  It was founded in 1988, and attracts gamers not only from Southeast Michigan but from across the United States and several other countries as well.  Offers Role Playing Games, Collectible Card Games, Board Games, Miniatures, Train Games, Live Action RPGs, Dealers' Hall, Auction, Specialty Gaming Tracks, Anime Room, and more.  November 9-11, 2018