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Resellers typically purchase entire collections, or acquire items through auctions, and then sell them directly to consumers at a fixed price.  Saves you the trouble of hunting for an item yourself, and often you can get a good deal as well.

The Acaeum provides this list for informational purposes only, and is not endorsing the below-listed sites in any fashion.  The only criteria for being listed here is that the site in question has been around for longer than a year, and no serious complaints have been posted in The Acaeum Forums concerning it.


Chris Korczak, Bookseller Hosted by (you guessed it) Chris Korczak.  Buying & selling both role-playing game materials as well as fantasy & sci-fi books.


Collector's Trove Hosted by Paul Stormberg.  Holds occasional auctions of collections and estate sales


DEI - Dungeon Explorers
 on the Internet
Hosted by Kevin and Linda Curtin.  Online resellers since 1997


The Dragon's Trove Hosted by Michael Cox


DriveThruRPG Not a reseller, but rather a producer and distributor of licensed TSR PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files.  Download and use electronic copies of D&D books and modules, and keep your original ones safe in the closet!


Eric Pass' Cool Stuff Hosted by Eric Pass.   Not truly a reseller, but has some items for sale or trade


The Hero Factory Hosted by Dan DeFigio


The Hit Pointe Hosted by Ken and Christy Wellens


Noble Knight Games Hosted by Aaron Leeder.  Over 15,000 gaming items in stock, the majority of which are out of print.  They also buy and sell games and offer new items at a discount


Six Feet Under Games Hosted by Rich Waldbiesser.  Dealer in used and new RPGs since 2004.


Troll and Hosted by Shawn Gambel.  RPG dealer since 1991, with more than a thousand RPG titles for sale as well as a huge stock of Magic: The Gathering cards.