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Various sites that you may find helpful in collecting RPG material.

Ariel Archives Hosted by Brett Easterbrook.  Info on Australian RPGs, conventions, and web sites

AuctionSieve Hosted by Neville Ridley-Smith.  An extremely powerful eBay search engine tool: find the auctions you want and discard the auctions you don't.  Highly recommended for all eBay shoppers, from the casual browser to the dedicated collector A searchable inventory of 100 million used, rare and out-of-print books, from the inventories of 4500 small independent bookstores around the world. You might be surprised at the D&D collectibles that can still be found in bookstores!

Dragondex Hosted by Andrew Crossett.  A complete, searchable index of Dragon magazine, up through issue 234

Grodog's Greyhawk Hosted by Allan T. Grohe, Jr.  A work-in-progress listing of Greyhawk-based modules used at convention tournaments

Judges' Guild Official Judges' Guild site, supporting (and even selling) the old Judges' Guild D&D line.  Note: several people have reported not receiving items they have ordered from this site

Knuckle Buster's Cards on Cue Hosted by Jeff Allender.  An exhaustive index of nearly every trading-card game in existence, including a breakdown on the AD&D trading cards of 1991-1993

Literary Sources of D&D Compiled by Aardy DeVarque.  Literary influences in the creation of D&D

Product List Hosted by Vu Pham.  A self-described "somewhat comprehensive" TSR product list, organized by publication year

Sage Advice database Searchable / sortable index of all questions featured in Dragon Magazine's "Sage Advice" column.  Some other great resources available on this website, too
The Stuff of Legends Information and scans on gaming miniatures, organized by manufacturer.  An impressive work-in-progress, and a resource long overdue!

TSR D&D Archive Hosted by Adrian Newman.  Focuses on cataloging all items produced by TSR for D&D, with cover scans

TSR Fonts Compiled by Aardy DeVarque.  A listing of confirmed (or best-guess) fonts used in D&D materials.  Finally, you can print up those house rules of yours and make them look authentic

Wizards of the Coast Current owners of TSR (and who are in turn owned by Hasbro).  An increasing number of downloadable material is appearing in their file section Hosted by Paul Maclean.  Deals with a wide range of Call of Cthulhu topics, including a small section on collecting CoC material