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Our policy concerning the material presented on this web site is as follows:

1.  The Acaeum is a non-profit effort founded for the express purpose of providing the Dungeons & Dragons collecting community with a source of knowledge on collectible D&D items.  In accordance with U.S. copyright law, we will not permit individuals to plagiarize or otherwise make a profit off our published works.

2.  The information presented on this site does not represent a challenge to any established trademarks or copyrights of TSR, Games Workshop, Gary Gygax, Wizards of the Coast, or Hasbro.  Dungeons & Dragons, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, D&D, AD&D, D20 System, Al-Qadim, Birthright, Dark Sun, DragonLance, Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, Planescape, Ravenloft, Spelljammer, all logos associated with the above brands, and the Wizards of the Coast logo are all trademarks owned by Wizards of the Coast, Inc., a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc.  The actual items depicted are the exclusive property of their respective publishers.

3.  What is copyrighted by The Acaeum, Nov 1999, are all cover scans and item descriptions listed on this site that are not otherwise attributed to a specific contributor.  This means you may not use these cover scans, or quote text from this site, without explicit written permission from The Acaeum webmaster.  Contributed works are copyrighted by the individual contributors, and The Acaeum will defend their rights as steadfastly as our own.  Our scans are watermarked, and have been since the site's inception (albeit for a completely different reason); modifications to the image will not remove this watermark, and distribution or public posting of a watermarked image, without permission from The Acaeum, is prohibited.

4.  Should you wish to use a cover scan, or to quote text, in many cases permission will be granted to do so, provided that it is for private, non-profit use, and that The Acaeum is attributed.

5.  When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.

We'd like to thank a number of people for their contributions to this site:

First and foremost, our outstanding subweb staff:  Plaag at the Judges Guild Booty List, and Azurah at All Things Planar.

David Papay and Lawrence Schick, whose previous research on module and rulebook printing information was invaluable.  David Papay was the maintainer of the TSR Average Auction Price List and the TSR Trivia Page; he hasn't updated them in some time, but says he has plans to do so.  Lawrence Schick is the author of the excellent "Heroic Worlds: A History and Guide to Role-Playing Games", available from Prometheus Books.

Brett "beasterbrook" Easterbrook, for much of our information (and the cover scan) to Jade Hare, and for some tidbits on the R-series modules and 10th Anniversary Combo Packs.  Brett maintains a sterling web site, The Ariel Archives, dedicated to Australian role-playing games.  He is also the maintainer of the newsgroup FAQ.

Kent "darkseraphim" Kelly, for laboring at great length to bring us a workable system for item valuations.

Adrian "blackdougal" Newman for innumerable high-quality scans, and valuable info on Oriental Adventures, Fiend Folio, the AD&D Fighting Wheel, BattleSystem, the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, and tons of our Foreign Editions material.  Visit his comprehensive web site, a great resource for all D&D / AD&D campaign worlds.

Rhea "rshelley" Shelley for, among his many other submissions, nearly all of our information and scans on the Adventurer's Guild modules.

And last but not least...

Brian Adamik Linda Curtin Paul Hennz Paul MacDonald Leonard Riotto Tyson Vickers
Dave Aho Keith Dalluhn Shane Henry Jason MacInnes Matt Roberts Paul Viveiros
Eric Aldrich Tony D'Andrea Dan Henson Andy Mack Bruce Robertson Shane Voelker
A.T. Allen Michael Dann Rudy Hess CJ MacLean Evan Robinson Steve Vogel
William Allman Carlson Davis Devon Hibbs Paul MacLean Michael Rooney Susan Waldbiesser
Brett Altschul Matthew Dawe Shawn Hibbs Osamu Maki Chris Roseman Jesse Walker
Curtis Anderson Michael Deaton Tracy Hickman Ian R. Malcomson Mike Rowlatt David Wall
Michael Anderson Dan DeFigio Dan Hinson James Maliszewski Steve Rubin Wayne Webb
Aneoth Philippe Delage Chris Hoffner Bryan Manahan Olga Ryan Alex Webster
Kevin Ankoviak Nicolas Delzenne Mike Horrill Hugh Marbach Ciro Alessandro Sacco Stephen Weir
Martin Ansell Sean Dennehy Ted Huckaby Travis Masoner Carl Saffer Ken Wellens
Francisco Aritio Aaron Derrick John Huckerby Sean Masterson Evan Samaritano John Wheeler
Dave Arneson Tim Deschaines Richard Humm Michael McAffee Mattias Sandberg Alex White
David Austin Aardy DeVarque Jim & Debbie Hunton Ewen McCairns Fabrice Sarelli David Wiley
Mike Badolato Brian Doherty Rene Hurka John McCarthy Daniel Schenström Joseph Wiley
James Bandy Eric Donaldson Mike Hurley T.S. McDuffie Mark Schwenkel Bill Wilkerson
Andrew Bangs Michael Dougherty Jeff Imrie Steven McGahan Richard Scott Mike Willegal
David Banks Arnaud Duroy Christian Jacques Aaron McPherson Selecta Bill Willet
Eric Banks Frank Dyck Norbert Jakobs William Meinhardt Alain Senes Jason Williams
Giorgio Barilli Antonio Eleuteri Alban Jalabert Gabriel Meister Gerald Sherfy David Willis
Paul Barnett Joss Ellis Paul Jaquays Michael Menges Eric Shook Pat Wilshire
Marc Barr Oren Elraz David Jawor Frank Mentzer Adam Shultz Jon Wilson
Doug Bartholomew Alex Erne Robert Jay Ralph Merritt Uwe Siebel Kevin Wilson
Steve Bartholomew Eyal Even-Chen Ed Jendek Michael Mifsud Terry Sikes Jim Winkley
Rick Bauer Michael Falconer Barry Johnston Jeremy Milsom David Silberman Morey Winnett
Stefan Beate Justin Farrington Michael Jones Wayne Mitchell Alan Silcock Jim Wise
Mark Beckett Frank Farris Thomas Jones Erik Mona Jonathan Silver David Witts
Andreas Beger Scott Fayers Johannes Jordan Ian Montgomery Bill Silvey Sven Wohlert
Doug Behringer Bruce Felkins John Justice Louis-Thierry Montillet Jeremy Simmons Raphael Wong
Rafael Beltrame Michael Ferdie Timothy Kask Danilo Moretti James Sinks Bruce Woodcock
Alain Bennett Ronaldo Fernandes Taylor Keating Graeme Morris Justin Sipla Ian Wright
Josh Berling Abel Ferrer Nathan Keding Christopher Motta Christophe Smagghe Alex Wu
Michael Bivens Jim Fetzner Slaheddine Kefi Javier Murillo Cheryl Smith Dan Yankowsky
Steve Blodgett Christian Fiset Pete Kerestan Tony Nardo David Smith Yony
Daniel Blum David Ford Dave Keyser Stephen Nawrocki Greg Smith Hussain Zaman
Rick Blumer Geoffrey Foreman James Kight Eric Niesley Marc Smith David Zanko
Matthias Bock Matthew Foster Tim Kindred Chris Nikolauk Richard Smith Llaurenela Zrenlician
Mikael Borjesson Sean Foster James Kirby Niklas Nordgren Trent Smith
Matt Borselli Michael Fox Mike Kline Mike O'Connor John Sohl
Phillipe Bouisson Rich Franks, Jr. Jason Kolb Byron Odwazny Jeff Soileau
Jake Bourbon Bob Frantz John Kowalewski Andrés Otero Scott Spyrison
Seb Boyd Ross Freier John Kozol Emanuele Pallozzi Pete Standley
Scott Brand Curtis French Gary Kramer Jason Parise Kevin Stephens
Njål Brekke Todd Gabel Rob Kuntz Keith Parker Colin Steward
Stewart Brown Adam Gilchrist Mike Kuo Eric Pass David Stine
Robert Burd Dan Gioffre Dominique Lacrouts Richard Patrick Mike Stoddard
Shay Caesary Domenic Giordano Jason Lada Orsquall Perel Paul Stormberg
James Caldwell Marijan Gjoreski William Lake Jon Peterson Jean-Philippe Suter
Francesco Catenacci Brent Glass David Lamontagne Mark Petrick Dave Sutherland
Robb Cavanaugh Curt Gould Chris Land Mark Pettit Mika Sutinen
Anthony Cervino Géraud Gourjon Simone Lando Jeff Philbrick Rod Sutter
Girard Chandler Richard Graves Gus Landt Mike Platell Bill Sweetapple
Scott Cisek Scott Gray Urpo Lankinen Phil Polli Michael Swink
Lokelani Cochrane Mark Greenberg Kai Larson Ben Polson Stéphane Tanguay
Cory Cohen Mark Greenough Malcolm Lawrenson Alan Popow Dennis Theunissen
Jonathan Coke Scott Gregg Christie LeBlanc Stephen Post Daniel Thingvold
Brian Cole Jeff Gregor Aaron Leeder Tim Powers Jan Thordsen
Jack Coleman William Gregory Vince Lethal John Pratt Bjarke Thorsen
Andy Collins Adam Griffin Luca Lettieri Antoine Pressard Joe Tibbetts
Dan Collins Scott Griffin Or Lev Bruce Probst Clark Timmins
Kynan Connor Allan T. Grohe David Leverich John Proctor Jim Torbet
B.D. Cook Gary Gygax Russ Levy John Rateliff Michele Toscan
Scott Cordiner Melvin Hagerman Jeremy Ligman Oliver Rathbone Paul Tremiti
Ashley Cotter-Cairns John Hall Pedro Lisboa David Ray Rich Trickey
Ed Courtroul Rob Hammond Benedict Lnu Shaon Reed Ralph Troppmann
Shannon Crack Mike Hansen Jason Lotito Christian Renaudot Venison Turner, Jr.
Christophe Crevaux Matt Harrison Raymond Lugo Sean Reynolds Alex Twiston-Davies
Michael Crisman Dan Harshman Kurt Lupinsky Doug Rhea Richard van Tol
Sean Cruz Larry Helm Don Lynch Gordon Richards David Van-Cauter
Andrew Cummings Kevin Hendryx Dave Macauley Neville Ridley-Smith Chris Vermeers

...all who have provided valuable information and scans on a variety of items.  Without all 395 of you, this site would not have been possible!