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June 24th, 2023
November 19th, 2019     ** HAPPY 20TH ANNIVERSARY! **

A very big, sincere THANK YOU to all of you who have made this website a success -- from information & scan contributors, to financial donors, to the multitude of fans and visitors over the last two decades.  If no one cared, if no one visited, if no one contributed time, effort, and money, we wouldn't still be here.  Now please enjoy this (long overdue) site update, and here's to twenty more! -- FoulFoot

June 2nd, 2018
  • An error nobody's noticed before: it's CM5 Mystery of the Snow Pearl, not "Pearls"!  The plural on the cover is a typo

  • Rarity adjustments on a wide variety of items, based on data gleaned from the last three years' worth of automated auction searches.   This will have only a slight effect on values (values for items that have been upgraded in rarity will tend to be more accurate than they were previously).  For those of you on the Valuation Board, you can expect your workload to decrease, as we move some of the high-volume rarity 2 and 3 items down to a 1 (so their condition estimation is now automated versus hand-tracked)

  • Due to the rapid rise in selling price for items in original shrinkwrap, we've altered the valuation formulas to account for this, and also changed the statement at the top of the indexes to read, "3x-10x for shrinkwrap".  That's a pretty wide range, but reflects the fact that the presence of shrinkwrap can really skew the value upwards dramatically (and somewhat randomly)

  • To the far right of each item on the indexes, you'll notice a new red chart symbol ( ).  Hover your mouse over it to see a historical chart of that item's value, compiled from the value information collected by the new tracking system.  These charts will be dynamically updated each month at the same time the indexes are (on the 10th)

  • Removed the forum's "mChat" chatroom.  Nobody was using it anyway

  • Removed un-serial-numbered tournament modules from the valuation indexes: R4 Doc's Island Pre-Pub, R5 Great Bugbear Hunt, R6 Bigby's Tomb, R7-10 Dwarven Quest.  While these tournament modules are certainly rare and valuable, they opened the door on the valid question of why we don't similarly valuate other TSR tournament modules.  The distinction will now be "numbered" tournament copies (C1, C2, R1, etc) of later-published TSR modules, which are easier to authenticate and were clearly intended to be collectibles

  • More info and scans for the Domesday Book newsletters.  I thought I had scans of the front pages of issues #1 and #2 laying around here, but I can't find them; if anyone has those, please send!

  • A separate page -- along with new scans and information -- on the Random Events newsletters.  Additionally, the Strategic Preview index has been moved to this new page, as it was actually the predecessor of Random Events

  • Fixed the auction links at the bottom of item pages; I had forgotten about them.  They've now been converted to the new system.  As before, these are not intended to be comprehensive eBay searches, but rather a quick search and/or a starting place for creating your own search

  • Additional commentary on the controversies surrounding B3 Palace of the Silver Princess, from both Gary Gygax and author Jean Wells

  • A new 2nd print of the Outdoor Geomorphs, a new 2nd print of FRC2 Curse of the Azure Bonds, and a new 2nd print of FR2 Moonshae

  • Confirmation that the "Author's" and "Complementary" copies of Lost Tamoachan are separate entities, and a scan of the Author's Copy.  Additionally, I combined the various unnumbered versions of Lost Tamoachan and Ghost Tower of Inverness into single entries on the indexes, labeling them "unnumbered".  (And thanks for your patience Bill... it only took me five years to get around to this!)

  • A scan and additional information on the elusive Games Workshop Hex Sheet (1977 version), plus a new Second printing of the Games Workshop Hex Sheets

  • Info on the draft version of RPGA2 Black Opal Eye

  • Contributor Paul Viveiros did an incredible job -- a true labor of love -- in converting the "hidden text" entries of MSOLO1 Blizzard Pass and MSOLO2 Maze of the Riddling Minotaur into Interactive HTML.  Provided you have an "unrevealed" copy of these modules, you can finally play them as originally intended.  Paul's work on MSOLO2 is especially impressive -- re-creating the entire map, encounters, and combat system!

  • For a while now, we've been increasing the resolution of our item scans (from 585 pixels high to 720 pixels high).  We're not upconverting our existing 585px scans, as the benefits would be minimal.  Therefore, if you'd like to help out with submitting a new, higher-res scan of any item on the site, we're open to receiving them!  (It's not necessary to send something gigantic; all pics will be scaled down to 720 pixels -- though submitting something a bit larger than 720px will ensure maximum detail is retained when it's shrunk)

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